Brumby, Say It Ain't So!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday I headed over to Bill's to see how my brumby was doing. Bill had said on Friday she was still lame.

I knew I wouldn't be able to ride her, but I was very surprised to see that my brumby had been moved to the stall! If you are at Bill's and get moved to the stall, it means things have gotten serious. So I felt sick when I saw her up there. The good news is that she came right over to me (limping) and gobbled up a carrot (happily). At least she didn't seem cranky. I took her out of the stall to see how she was moving.

Lilly was very tenderfooted. And then I noticed that Bill had constructed a new hoof for her! The new hoof did not totally surprise me. She has had a big piece of hoof that has been looking like it was about to fall off for a while. Remember last December when Lilly had a terrible abscess?

Here are some December pictures of the abscess after it blew out.

That darn abscess took forever to blow. In any case, it blew out and healed, and then the crack in her hoof began to grow out. I have been watching it moving down her hoof as the months go by. Last week it was about half-way down her hoof. Lately, the part of her hoof below it looked like it might break off. I have really wanted to pick it off, but I refrained and let it come off on its own. Which is what must have happened between the time Lilly showed up as lame (Wednesday), and Saturday. Bill must have noticed this and took the time to build her a new foot.

Does all of that shed any light on her current lameness? Maybe. I think it must, but you never really know. Lilly has been getting some bute for pain. Isn't her tongue in this picture cute? She does so many cute things.
Sunday Lilly was feeling much better. Not limping nearly as much. In fact, somewhat spunkily she tried to avoid me haltering her in the little paddock. It is always such a relief to see things moving in the direction you want them to.

When I left Lilly she was peering wistfully at her buddies in the pasture.
It is still fairly hot here, so Brandon and I headed to the lake in our tiny town to cool off.

This is Brandon going off the diving board.

And this is me!


juliette said...

Oh Poor Lilly!!! It looks like Bill has it all under control. I love that photo of her looking toward her friends. That looks like a very pretty spot for her to be turned out. The diving board and lake photos are great!

Kate said...

Hope she feels better soon - you're lucky to have Bill to attend to such things.

Jocelyn said...

guuuuuuuurl you are a brace soul to post a picture of your hiney in a bikini! You go Sister.
Star is lame this weekend too, so frustrating, just very subtle nothing that screams lame, but just enough to get me to notice. I hope your pony heals soon! that was a NASTY abscess!

Paint Girl said...

I am so sorry to hear that Lilly is hurting!! I hope she recovers very quickly so you can get back to riding!
I always miss so much when I am at horse shows, but now that horse show season is almost over, I can keep up better now!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hope you're right and that they are connected. At least that's something you know how to fix.

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