Hot As a Pepper Sprout in a Hot Tamale!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are having some sweltering summer heat here! The temperatures have skyrocketed. Look at Bill's thermometer! It looks like the Heat Miser has resurfaced!

Since I have lived in New England, I have seen all kinds of crazy weather. This is topping the charts. Even as blistering as it is though, I must say, I would rather be too hot than too cold. because if you are too hot.... can always slither into Bill's pool and hang out in the water! This is me with Bill's wife Jackie.

Here is Jackie with Norman and Ollie. Did you know Jackie ran the Boston Marathon this year? How AWSUM is that?

Ollie likes lounging in the pool as much as the next guy!

With all of my recent bikini wearing, all I've noticed is how pale and flabby I am. So this is the best view of me in the pool.

Since the evenings have been a little cooler, I headed over to see Lilly after work on wednesday for my usual "lesson." But even then it was so hot. See these jeans I have on? So hot and gross! Even Bill had shorts on. I thought I would get on Lilly for a short bareback ride. But as it turns out, she was limping so I could not ride at all. Here she is getting a carrot and looking like a long necked goose in the process.

Of course it was impossible to discern what was going on with Lilly's foot. She is a bit notorious for throwing curve balls when her feet are concerned. Maybe it is a stone bruise? Maybe it is an abscess? (I hope not!) I can say that she was not limping severely. We will have to adopt the wait-and-see approach. What a cute nostril!

Still, isn't it all right for my brumby to have as many carrots as she wants? Do you see her eyes on those carrots? But look, she's ground tied herself! Oh bumby, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways: I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach...


Anonymous said...

Cute pics of brumby - hope the foot feels better soon, and that you get some cooler weather.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Does that say 120 degrees!?! Holy moley!

juliette said...

You and Bill's wife and puppies have the right idea. I bet Lilly wishes she could join you. I can't wear jeans to the barn is too hot. Poor Maizie has to wear jeans to her Wednesday night lesson (same night as you!). You asked before...she takes lessons from an instructor at a boarding stable with sweet school horses. We cancelled her lesson this week - too hot!
Your Brumby is the best little girl ever...not wonder you love her so much!!!!

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