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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I uploaded a lot of pictures for today's post only because we had such a great ride on the trail, I could not not post them! There were a ton (as usual), but I picked some of my faves. Today was really special because it was Jackie's birthday (the Jackie that is Rosalie's mum and not Jackie who is married to Bill) and part of her celebration was to come to Bill's and have a trail ride! Happy Birthday, Jackie!!!

Jackie's fave horse is Pokey. But he was out in the Big Pasture so Bella was given the chance to take her first trail ride. Jackie and Bill got her all ready to go. She's wearing my Big Horn saddle, Lilly's pink saddle blanket and a full cheek snaffle. But before I go on, I want to share with you Bill's new blog! He's always had a website for horse sales, but now he has a blog too! Isn't that bomb diggity? I think so. You will find it here: You may recognize some faces on this blog! I hope you check it out.

We have just gotten on the trail at this picture and Jackie stopped to adjust her tack. Actually, it looks like Bill is making the adjustment. There is nothing worse than a slippery saddle! A little after this stop, a branch got tangled in Lilly's tail and she started making micro-prancy movements with her feet like she was thinking about having a little meltdown. Bill got off Freddie and untangled her. No harm, no foul. Good brumby.
The horses were all exceptionally behaved today.

I think Jackie was really having a good time with Bella. She said she learned a lot on this ride.

Here's a nice snap of Bill and Freddie! One of the things I love about Freddie is his beautiful color. It's like mahogany!

Before we went in to Trollwood, we walked around this pasture where Bill has been harvesting hay. I think this line of hay is so beautiful. It also smelled so summery I could have eaten some of it myself!

It was so beautifully verdant there in that pasture.

I could not get enough of this portion of the pasture! It was so wonderful! I only hoped a little groundhog didn't pop out and scare my brumby half to death. Bill said, "Hope we don't run into any bees nests!" (Such a thing has actually happened to Bill before)

You can tell my the darkness that we have found our way into Trollwood. Here is Bill giving Jackie a lesson on neck reining. My brumby, who is not exactly the greatest neck reiner in the world, seems to be watching too. When you are in Trollwood, there are many opportunities for reinforcing the indirect rein as we amble around tree after tree.

It is always fun to see someone really having a good time on her birthday! How can you not have fun on a little Haflinger!?

Back at the barn, my brumby was so thirsty that the giant pink bucket was pulled out and filled with water for her.
Good Night for now!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, and a great way to spend a birthday - Haffies are very cute!

Paint Girl said...

What a wonderful Birthday ride! Looks like you all had lots of fun.
That is a cute little Haflinger!
Love the hay field, I love the smell of fresh cut grass and hay!

juliette said...

Love the photos! Bella is too cute and her size is growing on my mom - could a Haffie really be in our future? I visited Bill's blog - can't wait to see more!

Frizzle said...

I am quite tempted to commit pony-napping and steal Bella! She is bewitchingly adorable.

And, mmmmmmmm, I can just smell that freshly-cut hay; I'm sure the horses wished they could be turned out in that field to munch to their hearts' content. :-)

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