Wet Week!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These triplets were watching me get out of my car when I was over to see Lilly on Monday night. Sunday the weather was very gross and Monday it was not much better! But Bill had gotten some new synthetic hoof material for Lilly's foot and I wanted to help him apply it. When I got there after work on Monday, I could see he had already done it! That Bill, always so industriously working. He did take some pictures but he sent them to me in a new format and, being the rocket scientist that I am, I could not figure out how to upload them. So I couldn't post them here.

In any event, since I was at the farm on Monday, I brought my brumby to the barn to hug and kiss her. Here she is greeting Louise who has just rolled out of bed at 7pm. Bill told me that earlier some potential customers had come to look at his horses for sale. He said they saw Lilly and wanted her on the spot. OK, maybe they didn't say for sure they wanted to buy her. But they did ask if she was for sale. Eye-catching Paint!

I gave Lilly many carrots and a juicy apple. She was so cute.

My brumby makes me laugh out loud.

Bill sent me this picture that his friend's trail cam took in Trollwood. Eeeeek! This bobcat looks enormous to me! Brandon assures me that bobcats are not anymore than 30 pounds. I saw this picture and almost fainted. What if it got my dog?
OK, that's it for now!
See you this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cool bobcat - as long as it didn't eat anything important like your dog. Love the brumby photos, especially the one with the pig.

juliette said...

I am not moving up there now!!!! Trollwood is very scary. I have to agree - that bobcat looks very large - it reminds me of the "Bigfoot" video from the 1970's!
Lilly and Louise are adorable.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Whoa..I almost fainted thinking of someone buying Miss Lilly and then again when the image of the GIANT and leggy (aka fast) Bobcat appeared! Whooooa! Totally Bigfootish, like Juliette says!

Paint Girl said...

I love how Louise had just rolled out of bed at 7 pm!! Too cute!
Of course someone would want to buy Lilly on the spot! She is a beautiful horse!
Love the sticking her tongue out picture and a bobcat? Great! They actually aren't that big, and better then a cougar, I am sure it would be scared of you and the horses if you ran into it in Trollwood!

Frizzle said...

1. That trio of cows looks quite adorable and friendly. Looking at them makes me want to steal them, because I fear they will one day be someone's hamburger. :-(
2. Lily Brumby is a riot! Love the pics w/her sticking out her tongue. Cheeky!
3. Oooooo, what a fun wildlife encounter!

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