Christine Returns!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today was the first time I have seen Christine in weeks! She's finally back from her travels in the Canadian Rockies, and she had many pictures to share, including several from a trail ride she took out in the beautiful Canadian countryside. We met after lunch and took Lilly and Qtee along the Ridge Trail. (I'm sure it could not compare to the plateaux that Christine had just been galloping over, but it was quite beautiful.)

QTee and Lilly have a really nice way of being with each other. If Lilly is on the trail with horses beneath her in the pecking order, she'll try to bite at them, or pin her ears if they get to close, or otherwise try and make a show of her dominance. But with QTee she knows that such posturing is a waste of time.

Here's Christine giving Sally a little treat.

At the Big Pasture, we saw Pokey, Cody, Jodie and Yogi.

This cow really likes carrots too. All I have to do is wave one around and she comes running right over to get it. Cow mouths are definately not like horse mouths! And alpaca mouths are the strangest of all!!


juliette said...

Glad you and Lilly have your trail riding buddies back! Cow tongues are so rough and sticky like cat tongues I like cows though. I want a Brown Swiss for a pet.

Frizzle said...

Oooooo, that cow has quite a stylish hair-do! However, it would be even more stylish if you gave him Heidi-braids with pink ribbons. ;-)
And Christine is one lucky lady -- I used to vacation in the Canadian Rockies when I was a kid, and it is sooooooo gorgeous! Tons of hiking and trail-riding, and every scene is picturesque. Love, love, love it!

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