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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just found out that Bill's neighbor is putting his house on the market. I have fantasized about living in this particular house many times. If I lived there, my brumby would be in my own backyard! I suspect this house (which is fabulous) will have a hefty price tag. It has new everything and sits on 15 acres. 15 acres??? How bomb diggity AWSUM would that be?

Here's my beautiful brumby hanging out with QTee when I went to get her today. The eyelashes slaaaay me. Adorable. Earlier this week, Lilly was back in the regular pasture again. Bill took a video of the moment she went back in, and my brumby (along with Ruby) did a fair amount of kicking and squealing. And then after she was calm for a nanosecond, she did it all again. I like how horses literally throw their weight around to get what they want. I will have to try that sometime.

Wednesday after work I did go to see Lilly. I missed being on her on the trail so much that instead of going down into the ring where it is nice and bright at 7pm, we went on a mini trail ride...where it was dark and silent. It wasn't quite this dark...but you get the idea.

What do you think of my brumby's new bucket? Christine, before she left on vacation, saw this and could not stop herself from buying it for Lilly. She saw the color and knew Lilly had to have it!

Yes, Lilly loves her new pink present!

Today I was solo out on the trail. Lilly still has her bionic hoof, so I was on a nice soft, dry trail as an attempt to preserve the hoof's integrity. It has been on one week now. This meant no Trollwood. (How I am dying to get back out into the wilds of Trollwood!) But we had a great time out on the Ridge trail. Lilly kept stopping and peering all over the place. I think she feels better when she is out with another horse and not just me and Getty. But she made no real complaints.

We encountered one new obstacle. An old tree had fallen across the trail and it was too high to walk (or jump) over. I tied Lilly to a tree and tried to move this out of the way. No luck. I needed a handsaw. (Just like the one I removed from my saddle bag last Saturday, of course.) As I was wrestling with the tree, Lilly was giving me an extremely hairy eyeball. The more ruckus I made, the more she looked like she wanted to get the hell out of there. In the end, I cleared a tiny path around the end of it and we slipped by.

Oh, summer, you bring me such great joy.

Here's Lilly's hoof after our ride today. You can see the synthetic, patchy part is starting to slowly peel away from her hoof. I give ths material an A+ all things considered. Tomorrow Bill will doctor it so maybe we can get another week out of it.

Happy Trails


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

oh what would our Brumbys do w/o us in the wild with their baby feet!! ;) Love the new blog look btw :)

juliette said...

Do you think you can buy the property? Wouldn't that be wonderful waking up and drinking coffee and seeing sweet Lilly out your window? Then her eyelashes could really slay you!

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