Of Sundays and Brumbies

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am still working out some details of my new style for this blog. For instance, I am not sure what font to use. The choices on Blogger are limited. I am getting a little sick of this font...but I can't find another one that suits me. So if you see my font changing as many times as the wardrobes at a Lady Gaga concert, you'll know not to worry. (And once more a shout of thanks to Madeline at Made By Madeline who helped me make my blog pink and frilly.)

On Sunday of course I went to see my brumby. Look what I found on her--speaking of wardrobe changes: new Cinderella slippers, ala Bill! Remember when I said that when her shoes come off I feel a little sigh of relief within me? Well, I feel that same sigh when the shoes are back on! Saturday Lilly was very tender and ouchie on her feet. With the shoes on, on Sunday she was trotting around the ring as usual.

There we are! I was worried that when I got on her after she had not been ridden, and being in a smaller pasture for the last month that she might get wild in the ring. That has happened before! But so far, there has been no fussing, no jigging, no pent up energy busting out in an impetuous gallop or buck. Being rash is not my brumby's style, but never say never. Of course, I didn't canter her in the ring yet. Given her tendency to throw a tiny tantrum while cantering in the ring (you remember: the tanter), she might wait until she is good and mad about that before losing it about something else.

I think Brandon and Kestrel may have missed my brumby too because they have been coming over to Bill's when I am there. Now, if Kestrel is not riding, you may wonder what an 11 year old does at the farm. There are plenty of things to keep her busy.

Like some some snorkeling in the pond! Bill reported a snapping turtle sighting and Kestrel and Brandon decided it would be cool to see it in situ. This doesn't sound like the best idea to me, but I am not one to veto any countryside adventuring. Here you see if you need help doing anything, chances are a dog will be nearby to provide some support and interest.

As Operation Snapper got underway, Lilly and I were peacefully enjoying each other's company down in the ring. Actually, what was really going on down there is that my heart was growing bigger with each stride. Riding Lilly is like finding god--the horse god.

Blub, blub, blub.....

And if one dog is not helping out, another one surely will. (In this case, Rex)

There are also tails to braid.

And pools to flop around in!

I couldn't resist throwing this picture in from the day before. Bill took it right as Whitney and I were leaving. I told Whitney that if we were a couple, this would be this year's Christmas card.
Wednesday night I will be back in the ring for "lesson night." See you then!


Paint Girl said...

That is so great the Lilly was being so good in the arena for you!
Kestrel looks like she was having a great time, and found many things to occupy herself with!

juliette said...

Your blog is so pretty in pink and I look forward to the font experiments. You know how I LOVE fonts!

I am so happy your Cinderella has her slippers back in place. Happy days in the ring for you two. You describe your love for Lilly so well.

Kestrel sure is brave snorkeling in that pond with a snapping turtle. That seems scary to me!

Great Christmas card! LOL! I want to get one of Maizie and I on Pie and Brian on Sovey. I thought that would be great but we three are the only ones who can work the camera!

Good luck on lesson night (tonight). Oh, by the way, tell Brandon that Maizie is heading off to Hersheypark today with her very best friend, Sophie. She is as excited as you riding your sweet Brumby!

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