The Endless Renovation

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once I took a women's studies class where the teacher's assistant insisted that we never use the words "hard" or "difficult." So, you couldn't say, for example: I wanted to construct a pad sander from my vacuum-cleaner motor, but it was too hard. Yeah, whatever, lady. The fact is, sometimes things are hard. What's wrong with saying so? That's a long way of saying that lately both blogging and riding have been hard for me to squeeze in, and it's all because of all the work going on at home.

So I thought I'd share some of it with you.

We own a house that is 200 years old. I am not kidding. I always tell my friends who are househunting to forget the time-honored homes with such great history and character and go for the new construction condo. And I am only half joking.

Here's what our dining room looked like before we started the reno. We've taken everything out including the woodstove and radiators so the floor guys can come in and sand the floors. I always liked this blue. I thought it was so colonial and appropriate.

Now when I look at these pictures, I think, ugh.

The living room was really very atrocious. We did have a rug over that really crazy part of the floor.

Oh dear, this looks so bad! Nauseating on film! No wonder we started the reno! It is always good to remember why one starts a project in the first place. That way, when you are later becoming unhinged, you can think back and command yourself to keep your eyes on the prize.

The floor guys!

Voila, some naked floors! Not hardwood but a very nice spruce.

Looking better already!

Then we had to paint. The news floors deserved that much!

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are trying to get something done there is always a helper who arrives who is no help at all?

Dining room transformed!

There's Brandon getting the woodstove's corner all ready. He did much of the work when I was at Bill's riding Lilly!

Brandon loved this medallion so we added it. It's totally fake! It's made of some rubbery plaster material! Hah! Sometimes what your guests do not know will never hurt them.

It sure looks different. That brown paint is called "Wild Horse."

This yellow color is called "Stable Hay." (yes, that is true!)

Slowly but surely, it will get done. Here's our dining room now. Sans dining room table! Oh well.
Next post: back to the Best Brumby Ever!


Anonymous said...

I've lived in a few old houses too - I had one built in 1816 near Boston and one built in 1871 near Chicago (old for this area), so I can sympathize! We now live in a 1999 development house, although a nice one, but it just doesn't have that same character - not to mention the same quality of construction, although I admit the wind doesn't come through the walls the way it did in our old (poorly insulated) houses!

Paint Girl said...

It is looking so much better! Isn't it amazing how paint and refinished floors make so much difference? I can't believe your house is 200 yrs old! Wow!
I want to remodel my kitchen and paint the entire inside of my house. I just can't get motivated to do it! Well the painting part anyways!

juliette said...

Thank you for sharing the before and after photos of your project. Your house is adorable - before AND after! It is so much lighter and brighter now. How great is that?!? The Stable Hay yellow is gorgeous.
I lived in a log house that was built in 1787 when I met Brian. I had the original deeds that looked like the Declaration of Independence. There was little heat or hot water. Brian's house was "newer" (1874) and he had already restored it so I sold my house. I had had enough horse-hair plaster and lath to last an eternity.
So glad you can return to sweet Brumby soon.
Just an aside - weird question - what kind of vacuum do you have. I adore vacuuming and I am a canister girl. I love the color of yours. Does it work well?!? I know you are cracking up laughing at me and this crazy vacuum question. It looks like those retro-looking Electo-Groom!!! I so want one of those because of the color and font on the side of the vacuum. There is NO way Pie or Sovey would allow such a thing, but I do want one anyway!

Can't Believe We Ate said...

It's going to be beautiful, and you're going to love it when it's done! Just a few deep breaths! Then shrug it off and go see Lilly! I'm Willow lives right here with me!

baystatebrumby said...

Whew, the Reno is almost done! Note to Juliette: That vacuum is such a bone of contention between Brandon and me. He's like you--loves vacuuming. He does it every day! It is borderline obsessive! He wanted me to tell you that our vacuum is some super deluxe version designed by NASA! But actually, it's just an inexpensive model by Sears! But I agree, the color is way fun. They had orange ones too.

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