Over the River and Through the Woods

Monday, September 27, 2010

This weekend offered up some Brumby Time!! I have really missed seeing my brumby and being bogged down with that remodeling at home. I'm sure our neighbor was getting sick of seeing all the stuff from our living room on the front porch. I know I was. But when I get to see Lilly, all woes of home repair fizzle away to nothing. This weekend I met Christine on both Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday we revisited a trail that we didn't use as much this summer. I don't have a name for it, but I should. It is loosely referred to as the "Lower Loop" and "Upper Loop" behind the pasture across the street from Bill's house. Here we are getting started. We are on Bill's land here, having just left the pasture. Almost immediatley we saw a buck bounding silently through the woods!

Christine and I went through the left side of the Lower Loop, crossed the (dry) creek into the Upper Loop. We got turned upside down in the Upper Loop because we hadn't been there in so long and the trail isn't marked. We had to bushwhack and backtrack, taking several moments to be glad we have horses who are always so willing to do whatever we ask them too without any kind of fuss or complaint. Then, when we came back up the other side of the Lower Loop, guess who was tracking us? Mantracker Bill on Charlie! Here we are at the meeting (Christine offering carrots).

Cute equine reunion. They all had to sniff each other even though they hang out with each other all day long.

Here is a typical sight!

The light in the woods was so beautiful. Many leaves have already fallen so as we walked there was much crunching underfoot! This particular trail has a nice stretch where you can gallop up the trail, so Lilly and I gave Bill and Charlie a little chase for a while. QTee is older so Christine does not ask her to do crazy things like that. Instead, they cantered up the trail in a slow and melodius way. But I will say this: if Christine wasn't holding Qtee back a little, she would have probably powered up that mountain faster than Lilly or Charlie. Her love of life is incredible.

On a ride like this, I never want it to end. I want to ride for hours!
Below is a link to a short video clip Bill made when we came upon him on the trail. I happened to have my mouth full of granola bar so I refused to smile. As a result, I look like I have the mumps...or that something is wrong with me. hah! Still, it's a sweet glimpse into a lovely day on horseback.
I love that when Lilly is galloping and trying to be all serious, that little foretop sways and flops around in the wind like something on a muppet. Adorable.

On the way home, some turkeys wandered by.

Can you stand one final face lift before & after? If so, scroll on!
Bathroom before:

Bathroom after!:


Frizzle said...

I am jealous of all the miles and miles of gorgeous trails that you guys have up there! Here, everything is so built up and we have ZERO trails, unless you are a daredevil and ride by the gator-filled canals -- no, thank you!

SprinklerBandit said...

Lily is a pretty amazing horse, really. I can' imagine taking Izzy out and letting her sniff noses with two other horses at the same time or just dropping the reins and taking a picture on the trail. Maybe someday we'll get there, but it's a long ways off. You sure have a great little mare.

And the bathroom is fabulous.

and EEEEEK! to Frizzle comments. I'm so not ok with gators or canals.

Paint Girl said...

I have to live vicariously through your fall trail rides, we don't get much of a fall, just wet weather so everything is all muddy. The leaves don't crunch, they are too soggy. Every year my sister and I keep hoping we can get one fall day to hit the trails, and it just doesn't happen. But I love hearing about your rides so keep 'em coming!
It is amazing what a new coat of paint and accessories will do for a room! I just finished ripping apart my master bedroom, took out the ancient headboard, and hoping to paint when I get back from Oklahoma. (My OH has no idea what I just did, so he might hate me when he gets home!)It is so much work, but the end result is always so worth it!

baystatebrumby said...

Sprinkler Bandit-- I do feel lucky and very appreciative of my super sweet mare. And I wouldn't want to ride by any gators either! Good grief that sounds terrifying!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

AWW love the pic of the three horse friends
Bill is so sweet to video tape just for the fun of it! Perhaps he likes his role on your blog-I do!
Bathroom looks great and vibrant :)

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