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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before I could get on Lilly again for a ride, her foot needed a little repair. Bill to the rescue!

Once again, while I was doodling my way through meeting after meeting at work, Bill was industriously creating another new hoof for Lilly. I am in love with this fake hoof stuff. The last one stayed on for weeks. It's not cheap, but is it worth it? Hands down: yes. Lilly goes from stumbling at every step to not even realizing half her hoof is gone!

I am glad that Lilly has such good barn manners so as not to propel Bill off the cliffs on insanity while he works with her. During application, the material gets warm and I am sure the heat must feel very strange to Lilly. But maybe by now she is getting used to it. In this photo you can see it on the bottom of her hoof too.

Bill does such a great job that if you weren't really looking, you wouldn't even know it was a synthetic hoof. You really have to be looking for it.
Saturday I was more than happy to meet Christine for a ride. Because I have a huge house renovation project going on at home (ugh), a lot of my free time must be devoted to that. But Saturday I zoomed over for a quick ride with Christine.

It's hunting season so sudeenly safety orange has become fashionable again.

I wished I had the time to go into Trollwood, but we did the Ridge Trail and then headed back to the barn. The weather could not have been nicer. And, not a fly in sight! Now, that is probably one of the biggest perks of the cooler temps: no bugs!

Back at the barn, Bill snapped our picture.

Uh-oh! Clearly no one was ready for the picture to be taken at this point. We all look terrible!

There, that's better! What a difference a few seconds can make.

Oh the joys of being a dog!

Bill was cleaning one of the lofts of his barn when we came back from our ride.

I rather liked this new view of the horses from up there. If I were like Annie Oakley, I'd just jump down out of the loft and plop my bum in the saddle! (Can you imagine? That sounds like a disaster waiting to erupt into a huger disaster). Did anyone in the wild west really ever do that?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


juliette said...

That camera angle is great - but you are right - what a disaster that would be and painful to the horse - hence the disaster!
Getty looks so sweet in her orange protective vest.

Paint Girl said...

The dogs are so adorable!! I put bandana's on my dogs too, they each have one of every color imaginable!
That's great that you had good weather for your ride. It rained cats and dogs all day here, again.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Orange is so fashionable as well as protective! :)
So..why is Miss Brumby having a fake foot? I missed what caused the need originally?

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