Lesson Night

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This past Wednesday I was delayed leaving work for about 20 minutes. That makes a big difference in terms of how early it gets dark now. Rats. By the time I got to my brumby, the sky was getting dark and moody looking. If I had really hurried, I knew I could have gotten a short lesson in, but I don't like to rush in the barn. I like to lollygaggle. I like to take time to smell the roses....or the hay...or the horses. Brandon complains it takes Christine and me an hour just to get saddled up. (He might be right) In any case, it didn't bother my brumby one bit that she wouldn't be down in the ring away from her buddies and away from any hay that might get flung her way.

It's just as well, because when I got out of my car, this picture reveals the scene exactly. Uh-oh, just like last week, a bunch of horses milling around waiting for hay. That meant they'd be excited to see me for about 2 minutes--about the time it would take them to realize that I wasn't showing up just to feed them. Sure enough, I felt like the second coming of Christ for about 20 seconds and then their enthusiasm for me waned into nothing. I am sure if I had saddled up my brumby and taken her down to the ring, she would not have been happy about it. I should also add this: none of these horses are dying for food. They all have big happy bellies. But they are also spoiled and like having hay upon demand. Kind of like me with cake.

Do you see that little foretop? It looks like something on a Dr. Seuss character! So cute and funny!

I did take Lilly out of the pasture and up to the barn for a quick grooming. On the way up, I noticed her shoe was missing and part of her synthetic hoof had flown the coop! Oh dear! Here you see her little stubby foot. But what I see is that that hoof is doing its damndest to grow and grow and grow. Soon it will be back to normal!


Paint Girl said...

I hate this time of year, losing daylight isn't any fun especially when there is so much to do. I still need to get some stuff done with my horses, mow the lawn and a few more outdoor projects before we lose all of our daylight!

juliette said...

Lilly as a Dr. Seuss character! She is so adorable. I agree with the long grooming and tacking up sessions before riding. No reason to hurry the best part of the horse world!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Ughh..I am suffering from not giving in to the fact that summer is leaving (or gone)...why?! Its the lack of light that gets me..and the warmth, lol.
That middle pic of Miss Brumby looks like she almost has a bay colored head! LOL-trickster!

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