Trailriding: Thou Mak'st Me Merry; I am full of pleasure

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today was a day made for trail-riding. Everything about it was perfect, including the fact that I am still on vacation! I met Christine and Jackie at Bill's and we headed out. We brought some vittles for a picnic in the woods, got ourselves together and headed to Trollwood by way of the lower and upper loop trails.

Had kingdom come? Were we in paradise? Had we died and gone to heaven? Is this why people believe in heaven? Because it will be like this???

We couldn't wait to eat the chicken salad Christine had made so we picked a spot, tied the horses up and got ready to eat.

There is Christine using Lilly's back as a countertop!

QTee got to hold the bread!

Lilly doesn't really need to be tied up, but just in case, I did tie her lead rope to this tiny tree. I never know if it is better to tie her to something that will give? Or to something that won't. Plus, in spite of the huge number of times Bill has shown me how to tie the most appropriate knot for this situation, I forgot how to tie the most appropriate knot for this situation.

Pokey was terrible standing still while tied up, while Lilly and QTee stood as still as statues. (Bill better work on some manners with him!) Here I am reprimanding him with my mouth full because he tried to steal my chicken sandwich right off my plate! Pokey was so antsy that one thing we learned fast was that the next time we do a picnic, we should pack a flake of hay to occupy wiggly horses. Or one wiggly horse anyway. So we finished up our yummy sandwiches, gobbled up some cocoa roasted almonds for dessert, and kept moving.

Did I mention it was heavenly? Here is Christine having a seemingly religious experience. After eating we went to Trollwood the back way, cut across the Big Pasture (which was empty since everyone is in the Blueberry Pasture) and caught up with our usual trail to get home.

It was so much fun being out there. If anyone knows of a kindly benefactor who would like to give me a tiny stipend to live on so I can quit my job and just ride horses, please let me know.

Back at the barn we celebrated a great day with some champagne made by Christine's father! CHEERS, October! We heart you.


Anonymous said...

A picnic!! Pie and I would love to come on a picnic - wish we could be there with you!

Frizzle said...

OK, if you post gorgeous pics like these, you have to be prepared for the fact that ALL of your blog readers will want to come visit you and mosey down sun-dappled, leaf-carpeted trails with you and your brumby. It certainly does look like paradise!!
And, if you find that generous benefactor, please send him/her my way. ;-)

juliette said...

You and your friends, brumby and human, have it made!!! Oh, what a joyous picnic and adorable picnic tables! You must bring snacks for your sweet horses (flakes of hay, I mean! - I am sure you brought snacks!).
Thanks for sharing your heavenly time!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

LOL. Back in the day those benefactors were called Daddy and Hubby, but not many of them bought us horses. We women had to work to buy horses for ourselves. Now we are evolving to realize that we are in a Catch 22. We work to support our horses and have little time to ride.

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