Giving Thanks

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yet another Thanksgiving has passed where one of the things I was thankful for was having Lilly! I hope everyone had a rousing appetite and a great day. Before our traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner, I was venturing out on the trail with Bill. Here is Bella peeking around the tree at us as we rode by.

One again we passed the horses in the Winter Pasture. Cody was sticking his tongue out and looking verrrry cute and silly.

It was really cold out and though I had many good layers on it wasn't enough and I was shivering and slightly uncomfortable. In fact, my teeth were chattering once in a while. Is there anything worse than being cold? Lately around here a 7 year old boy wandered off from his yard and spent the night in the woods before the search & rescue crews found him the following morning. How did that kid do it? It was 20 degrees! I wonder if I would have died out there. Interestingly and heartwarmingly, the whole town rallied to find this child. Hundreds of people showed up to help look for him, including BILL who (big surprise) had pinpointed exactly where the kid was found. Bill was even interviewed by the local news channel and got to be on TV for two seconds! In any case, it has been very cold around here lately.

Below you will find a short clip of Bill and Freddie and then Lilly and me crossing a small waterway. Freddie has crossed no problem from the other direction, but from this side, he needed Bill to coax him over. Good boy, Freddie.

The following day I was out on the trail alone. I was at Bill's at 930 in the morning because Kestrel was dying to see the Harry Potter movie playing at 2:40. I actually did not end up seeing the movie. I left her and Brandon to see it. I think the Harry Potter franchise is very interesting, but didn't have any desire to see the movie. After Kestrel told me that his pet owl died, Harry Potter was dead for me.

This is one of the sights we saw out in the woods. Some hunter left his tree chair (or whatever it is they are called) out in the woods on Bill's land. Bow season here is just ending and on Monday gun season starts. I do not like hunting. I just don't see the joy in killing animals. I fret that not every hunter gets a good, clean shot. It would be one thing if every hunter was a sharpshooter. But I don't think they are. I truly abhor the thought of a wounded animal in the woods. So if you are a hunter, please be good at what you do. This picture also reveals something my camera is doing a lot of lately: taking fuzzy pictures that look terrible in my blog!

Isn't my brumby adorable? If you'd like to watch a video of Lilly and I trotting along, you can do it by clicking here. Those are our jingle bells you hear!

This picture was taken today, which is Saturday. QTee looks a little sleepy! I took this right before we headed out on the trail.

Today I was riding with Bill (on Freddie again), Christine and Jackie (on QTee and Pokey). It was cold and even snowing a wee bit. Today however, I was fully armed for the onslaught of Old Man Winter and was wearing a million fuzzy layers. Result: I was warm as toast all afternoon.

We stopped at the Winter Pasture where Bill had decked the horses out for gun season.

Here are a few flakes of snow captured by my flash!!

Below is a tiny clip from our trail ride. It is nice and mellow, just like a good trail ride ought to be, but the best part of this clip is that if you listen carefully, you'll hear Lilly moan. So cute you'll laugh.


Frizzle said...

I am so jealous of your forests and streams and fields and nature! We have NONE of that down here. :-( Today, I went on a "trail ride" through the grove behind the barn, but it really wasn't that pretty or exciting. (Well, okay, the parts where all the ponies were freaking out was mildly exciting, but not in a good way.)
Hhhmmm, someone needs to invent a place that's as pretty and forest-y as New England but stays around 70 degrees year-round. That would be my personal heaven!

juliette said...

Wonderful photos of your lovely rides. How about that Bill helping to find the little boy? I am with you about the cold temperatures. I didn't dress well yesterday and was cold by the end of our ride. I was on the big, furry Pie and wishing I was bareback to keep warm. Now is the time I start worrying that our boys are cold outside. I am looking to you and Bill for support on this. I know all his herd is out all winter too without blankets and this is my first winter doing this. You guys are my mentors with the 24/7 approach to horsekeeping. Do you worry about Lilly getting cold? What does Bill say about it?
I also agree completely with your hunting view. But you probably already know that!
And, Frizzle has the right idea - forests and fields and nature and 70 degrees year round! Although if she was in an orange grove riding - that would be pretty too!

Frizzle said...

Nope, no orange groves; it was a small avacado grove, so really not all that exciting (but still better than the arena!).

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