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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This past Sunday, we were out on the trail again! It is getting really cold around here. But the horses are woolie and I'm getting all my winter gear out. I still need to locate last year's helmet cozy from Karen P! Here is a picture of Bill and Glitter in the Blueberry Pasture as we passed through to Trollwood. I think if Bill were a religious gospel singer, this would be a good album cover. Or maybe this would be a good cover for a science fiction novel! The aliens cometh...and they are looking for some good cowboys and horses.

This picture is tells the story of how hard it is to take pictures when wearing winter gloves. I need a better glove situation. I need to wear them, and I like to slip a hand-warmer in them. But then my fingers get cold. I am also loathe to take them off to snap a photo. I went to the sporting goods store to look at hunting gear. I figured hunters must have mastered the art of staying warm in the woods waiting around for game to show up. It was all in ugly camo. Gross! Plus, it all seemed to come only in one size: HUGE.

We always take dog treats on the ride. The dogs clamor around Christine like she is the second coming of a dog god. Or the first coming? In any case, it is really cute when they take time out of their romping to get a cookie.

These pictures make it seem like the sun was blasting away all afternoon. It wasn't! Especially when we get deep in the woods, it practically feels like nightfall out there. On this ride, Bill wanted to find an old trail that he made last summer. We were bushwacking in trees that could have poked our eyes out and climbing over crumbling stone walls. There is never a dull moment when Bill is around. My Lilly did not complain once. I marvel at her willingness to go for it.

In this link you will see Lilly looking positively sparkling in the woods. And very willing to cross a creek we had never crossed before. It was rocky in there! Click right here!


Anonymous said...

Lovely ride and great pictures!

Frizzle said...

What a lovely (and thirsty!) brumby you have there. And, as usual, your forest-y-ness and wide-open spaces are making me jealous! My avacado grove is very much inferior.

juliette said...

Can I just say...I LOVE BILL. He encourages the horses, like Lilly in this video, perfectly and rewards them with kind words when they are successful. He is a trainer of the best kind.
Lovely trail ride - as usual!

SprinklerBandit said...

Snowless wonder... it's dumping on us here. I'm jealous of your pretty trails.

As for gloves, I got my husband a pair of underarmor glove liners that he loves. They work well on their own, or when it's super cold, he can wear heavier gloves over them. They are camo, but they might come in black, too.

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