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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I have been so busy this week getting all my shopping in order, I have hardly been able to blog! These pictures are from this past weekend when I was able to ride both on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a shot of Jackie from Saturday's ride. Isn't it funny how she is sandwiched between two big ole horse bums in this picture!?

Here I am kissing my brumby for being so cute and snuggly. Some days I cannot believe my luck in having this horse. For example, Pokey is a great horse too, but he is always moving so fast that I know he'd wear me out. Lilly and I are so perfectly matched!

We were out in the woods and saw a lot of ice like this. Right before it got so cold, we had a deluge of rain. Lots of watery spots in the woods were frozen before the earth could absorb the water. So now the trails are full of slippery discs of ice. Like right here. That is usually right where we walk. Not this time!

It certainly helps that Lilly has her turbo snow shoes on! (Thanks, Bill!) And with the rim pads, she is all set for a load of snow. Let it snow, let it snow! Let's get that wintery white stuff falling! Christmas is so much more fun with snow on the ground.

Do you allow your horse to drink on the trail? I always do. Here she is slurping up some water that I am sure is very cold. This fazes her not a bit.

Meanwhile, back at home....
Getty keeps finding deer legs. Oh dear. Another reason to not like hunting season. I'll be glad when it is over for many reasons, this being one of them.

I have been talking about our newest rabbit for days now! Here he is! I wanted to name him Chicken because-- doesn't he look like a speckled hen? (OK, a funny looking hen with very large ears...) In the end, we named him Leopard. Leopard needed rescuing because someone in town had him out in their yard in these terrible temperatures in a fish tank!

He had a heat lamp and some hay, but the people who had him were overwhelmed with rabbit care, and clearly did not know what they were doing. I could not sleep thinking about this poor rabbit all alone in a glass box outside. There was a bit of a gentle intervention by some townspeople, including the hardware store ladies. When Brandon was in the hardware store overhearing them say they really needed to find a new home for this rabbit, Brandon came running from the extension cord aisle to announce in superhero style: WE WILL TAKE HIM!

I hope you are having a great holiday season so far! Can you believe it is already the day before the night before Christmas? I hope children and grown-ups alike are busy busy busy being good!

Tomorrow I will not be working, so I will be back in the saddle!


Frizzle said...

Rofl, your last pic is too funny! Brandon hiding behind a bunny whilst getting "bunny-eared" & you looking as though you're at the orthodontist & not happy about it - truly Christmas hilarity! :-)
Thank you for rescuing that cute little speckled bunny & giving him a warm, loving home! Shame on his previous owners for keeping him outside in a fish tank (?!). I'm very glad that he will have a good home for Christmas, and probably lots of carrots and bunny pellets and even a bunny friend. Bunny paradise!
And YUCk on the deer legs! Poor, poor deer -- how could anyone want to shoot such a beautiful creature? I would like to pet them and feed them deer treats.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Good thing you didn't name the rabbit "Chicken", because Getty might think he tastes like chicken... or deer leg. He certainly has unique markings. I've owned two rabbits in my life and I remember their personalities better than any other pet from my childhood. They were a lot of work to take care of, and always required supervision, because they'd tear the house apart worse than a puppy. Good of you to take him in. Happy holidays!

juliette said...

Happiest Christmas to all of you! I will treasure the story of Brandon in the hardware store coming to the rescue just in the nick of time! Getty is adorable in that photo...hunters are not. Your new bunny is too cute for words. Enjoy your rides on Lilly! I am terribly jealous...Florida has its advantages, but no Pie no Sovey makes it not so wonderful on Christmas.

Paint Girl said...

What a cute bunny! So glad you were able to save it!
Getty is just too cute!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Rising Rainbow said...

Those shoes are truly amazing. I can see how you could ride in the snow wiwth those.

From our hearts, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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