High on Holidays!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ummm, does this look like a winter wonderland to you? We have no pretty snow but frigid temperatures! This photograph depicts exactly how it feels when I get to the barn for a ride. I am frozen before I even get out of the car!

Luckily, Bill has given me this ridiculously cute and very pink helmet cozy! I have one from Karen P (black) that I relied on very much last year. Two will be twice as nice. Don't I look like a pink bobble head? Now any hunter who mistakes me for a deer has a severe eyesight problem!

I was not the only one to get some riding gear yesterday! Lilly has a spiffy new saddle pad, some rhythm bells, and a sparkly pink lead rope. I have wanted rhythm bells for ring work for a long time. I put them on her just to see how they sounded in the woods. They were, in a word: Quiet.

This picture is from my ride with Bill (on Cody) today. And of course, Getty.

I am also delighted to report I received a new camera for Christmas. It's an Olympus and it claims to be shockproof and waterproof! We shall see! I am sure there will be ample opportunities for this claim to be tested. I put this picture in my blog because it shows the green Christmas ferns that Lilly will see from a mile away and make a beeline for, out on the trail. I know horses see some color, and one of them has got to be green. She never misses a fern.

Snow is predicted for tonight. Good thing I marked the Ridge Trail!

Kestrel got this crazy blue tutu for Christmas from Brandon's mother. Kestrel has been dancing ballet since she was 4 or 5.

Look! there is the Royal Ballet's Nutcracker on TV! Have you ever watched The Nutcracker? It is insane. I see those ballerinas dancing around on those pointe shoes and think it is breathtaking. Kind of like watching Stacy Westfall do her reining without reins! Unbelieeeeevable.

And most inspiring to up-and-coming ballerinas!!

I am hoping the snow will pile up so high tonight I'll have a snow day tomorrow! No work and all horseback fun! Maybe Brandon can finally try some skijoring! YIPPEEE!


juliette said...

Your Christmas goodies are fabulous! I love the helmet cozy in pink! I have one in red and feel like the bobble head you speak of...The Great Gazoo from the Flintstones. Lilly is A-dorable in her new pink gear. And, Kestrel the ballerina...what a cutie. She is getting tall too like Maizie. Lilly finding the green ferns - so sweet and I can't wait to hear about Brandon's skijoring! I am hoping for your snow so you can ride tomorrow too! I am jealous of your new camera - I have to get one that can survive my inevitable dropping it when Pie is acting naughty!

Frizzle said...

Ooooo, last weekend I went to see The Nutcracker for the first time since I was a very little child (like, maybe 5 or 66) and it was awesome. And there were lots of little girls there who were all dressed up (some in tutus) and performing their own renditions of the dances out in the lobby and in line for refreshments during intermission -- too cute!
Lilly is simply the epitome of adorable-ness in all of her gear, and that pink bow in her forelock is delightful. :-)

Frizzle said...

Hahahaha, 5 or 6, not 5 or 66! Lol.

Rising Rainbow said...

That first picture is amazing. It takes a lot of cold to freeze moving water.

I sure hope the hunters will spot your pink helmet cover some of those guys are blind, I swear. Scares me riding in the woods during hunting season because I know some of them are shooting at anyting that moves.

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