The Best Christmas Present Ever..and a little snow

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A few days ago, Mother Nature seemed to have some kind of meltdown. Not only did it snow (that was welcome enough), but the wind was so viscous that all you could see was white! And it was bitterly cold. It was so nasty I had a free day from work, but it was so nasty, I couldn't even use it to see my brumby! Here is a picture of Getty after she had been in the yard a few minutes watching me shovel the driveway. One of my co-workers is from Arkansas. This is her take on New England: This is no way to live.

But what I really wanted to write about in this post was a christmas present from Bill, that he gave me without even knowing it. I do not know if I have blogged about Bill's perpetual battles with porcupines. A few of his horses have actually been quilled and this makes him mad enough to get his gun and kill the offender. Well, I cannot stand the thought of a porcupine getting killed for simply being a porcupine. I wail about this to Bill often, and I like to think that since he met me, he doesn't reach for his gun so readily. And in fact, last week this is exactly what happened! He chose another tactic--a live and let live sort of strategy(!) Here is a clip he made just for me. It is funny and cute and warms my heart:


Paint Girl said...

Okay, I am seriously laughing so hard at Bill right now! That has to be the cutest video ever! I love how he tells the porcupine to GO! And porcupine just sits there. Cute!
That is the cutest picture of Getty!

juliette said...

That Bill! He is a kind-hearted man. The video is wonderful.
I am so sorry you didn't get an extra riding day. That is not fair. Getty and HER EYELASHES are just precious!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Getty is adorable! Great video. Very sweet for that fortunate porcupine. And I love your pink helmet cozy in your previous post. I gotta get one of those. Happy New Year.

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