Adieu, 2010!

Friday, December 31, 2010

While I have been dithering, the year has speedily rushed by. But have I been dithering? Thanks to my brumby, I can say with great satisfaction that many of my days in 2010 were filled with beauty and adventure. Today, I ended the year with a trail ride. Not a bad way to usher out Father Time and welcome Baby New Year. This first picture is of Bill (on Charlie) heading down the road to the trailhead. The weather was gorgeous today--I wasn't even wearing gloves.

Today is the LAST DAY of hunting season. Thank goodness.

Under the snow, there are still large patches of ice. Lilly was doing really well though. She is such a brave girl.

Here's a new path that we took. Bill had seen some deer tracks through here and wanted to investigate.

We came out in this pasture which belongs to the people who own this house. Not only is it quite beautiful, Archibald MacLeish used to live there. Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton would come and visit him in this house! I like to imagine them wandering around in this very pasture writing great poetry. So thrilling. When the MacLeish's lived there, they called this land Uphill Farm.

Then we crossed the road and went into another pasture. Do you see that blue sky? That's a nice treat while in the throes of winter.

Lessons Learned in 2010:
1. Listen to your horse. She is probably talking to you when you don't even realize it, giving you clue after clue after clue.
2. It is OK to have to relearn #1 over and over again.
3. No matter how hungry you are out on the trail, the horse apple wafer treats you have in your saddle bag will never taste any good. Do not let the name "apple" fool you. Bleccchhh.
4. Do not dump stuff into your compost pile and then let the dog out.
5. Never leave your dog, no matter how sweet and kindhearted, alone with a flock of chickens.
6. A failed attempt at horsemanship is not necessarily a complete failure. Lessons to be learned are everywhere...
7. is life. It surrounds you.
8. Trying a new bit is an excellent endeavor
9. When making the decision to gallop through a cornfield, in crisp fall air, behind Bill and Cody, make sure you know what you are doing and for gods sake, keep your bum in the saddle.
10. Pink makes everyone look better.

Happy New Year's Eve to all!


Anonymous said...

Have a great New Year with your brumby!

juliette said...

Your ride on this post was the very best in pastures filled with the ghosts of literary giants and how cool is that name - "Uphill Farm"?
Your snow and sky and no gloves! Sigh!
I love your list of lessons learned. Your Lilly is the best brumby a person could ever have. Enjoy 2011 as much as you did 2010!

katrocada said...

It's been a while since I visited BSB! Wow! Love the pink, love the new look. Here's to a lovely 2011. Let's hang.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've made that mistake of trying a horse treat, not the apple one you mentioned, but it was just as bad. LOL

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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