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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Before I begin, I have to show you this picture of me and how huge and ridiculous my head looks while riding in the winter. I guess my new pink helmet-cozy is not so slimming.. I look like a LOLLIPOP HEAD! Not that I care, because, after all, I'd rather be warm than fashionable. But seriously, do all of my riding buddies look and me and secretly start laughing? Because this photo makes me laugh at myself.

The last two days have been great, thank you Mother Nature. On Saturday, Christine , Jackie and I started the new year right with a ride on the trail.

It was warm enough that some of the scary ice is melting under the snow. But not fast enough! QTee and Christine hit an ice patch while we were skirting a pasture and QTee's legs slipped right out from underneath her--all 4 of them. Christine plopped into the snow (still holding her water!) and QTee, seemingly none the worse for wear, got right up and kept on walking. Thank goodness everyone was OK. I felt sick seeing QTee go down like she did.

Pokey, who was wearing shoes but no rim pads, kept getting huge balls of snow and ice packed under his feet, and was teetering around like a Victorian lady in heels. Magically ( I swear to you it was like magic), Bill appeared and asked Jackie if she wanted him to pull Pokey's shoes off on the spot. Here is a picture of that.

Bill also took our photo before driving off. (Or shall I say waving his magic wand and vanishing into thin air!?)

On Sunday, Christine and I were on the trail again, this time sans Jackie, but with Bill. Here is Lilly sporting the new bridle she got for Christmas. It will take some use before it is worn and comfortable like the one we have been using.

I took this picture just so you can see Bill's fanny pack!

Before it got so cold and icy, we didn't ride through the pastures all that often. But now it is easier to see the ice in them; the Ridge Trail, for example, is too treacherous because of all of its slippery hills. I don't like the open spaces as much for riding (I get nervous thinking it will summon some collective wild horse consciousness in my brumby, moving her to gallop wildly off), but visually, they are wonderful.

Here's new trail we were trying out today. Watch out for that limb, Christine!!!!!

No ice here! But lots of space for a gallop! Easy does it, brumby.

I had another picture here and accidentally deleted it! Oh well, this is just as fine a place to end a post. I hope all of you started the new year off with a ride, or something nice and horsey.

Here's to a stellar 2011!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I do love that wrap around helmet. Why didn't I invent that? It must have been heart wrenching to see a horse have all four legs slip out from underneath it. That's gotta hurt.

Anonymous said...

Saturday and Sunday rides - lucky you!

Frizzle said...

No, I think your pink helemt cozy is quite fashionable -- it is PINK, afterall, and whilst it is certainly not slimming, it is still very flattering.
Glad you got the new year started off on the right hoof!

juliette said...

That Bill is a magic man!!!
What a scary story about QTee and Christine. I am glad both are ok.
Keep on keeping on with the lollipop head. It is the only way and at least it is pink!

Kritter Keeper said...

i never ride in the snow or ice for fear of injuring my ponies due to a slip. so glad your friend and horse are ok! i used to have that nice helmet cover and yes, i looked like a space monster like you! :0 your area looks so lovely to ride in. thanks for sharing!!

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