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Saturday, January 8, 2011

When I got to the barn today, Jackie was there with Pokey getting ready for today's ride. It may be cold but we are undeterred! Here is Pokey in the barn and you can see I have not yet mastered operating my new camera yet. I was trying to get a picture of the tiny icicles on Pokey's eyelashes. It wasn't helping that he was wiggling so much.

OK, maybe this one is not much better. But at least you can see the icicles. Lilly did not have icicles on her eyelashes, but she did have them in her mane and on the sides of her big ole belly where she is very fuzzy.

This is what you call an Ansel Adams kind of day. Everything looks so pretty after snowfall. Jackie said this is her new favorite riding season. I like this kind of riding a lot too (but nothing beats summer for me, even if it is hot and buggy). When I like about having snow is that in the woods I feel like I have been transported to Narnia, or some magical wonderland. The snow sparkles like diamonds, and sometimes it falls off the trees when you walk under it like a shower of fairy dust. Oh yes, it is very special out there on a day like today.

The bad part about walking under snow is when a clump of it falls right into your collar and slides down your back. WOOHOOO, that can feel very cold. Here is Bill on Charlie.

I love how different the trail can look as the seasons pass. Getty and Henry were on our ride too running around in the snow. Getty has fuzzy cocker-spaniel kind of feet and kept getting big snowballs stuck to her toes. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this from happening to her? I bought some Pam cooking spray to coat her feet with tomorrow. Maybe that will help....

Now that's a winter sky.

The ride was really great. At first all the horses except Pokey seemed like coiled springs. I am sure you all know what it feels like to have a bundle of energy under your saddle. But then they calmed down. No slips, no falls, no attitude. Just a laid back, beautiful ride. It doesn't get any better really. (Unless you happen to be my husband and would rather be alpine skiing all day.)

This is a picture from last weekend which displays the rechargeable battery pack for my new non-disposable footwarmers. Can you see the battery at the top of my boot? The wire runs down to a little disc of heat that has been installed in my boot's insole. It has 4 settings--and the top setting is so hot that it automatically shuts off after 3 minutes and goes to the next one down. So far, this Christmas present has been AWSUM. My husband sure makes riding more comfortable for me, even though he complains I spend more time with my horse than with him!

I hope you all are getting some good horse time in! Just think, in three months it will be springtime again.


Kate said...

Like the heated boots! That looks like an awesome ride through the snowy woods - wish I'd been there!

Once Upon an Equine said...

You are well prepared for winter riding, literally from your head to your toes! You have a beautiful area in which to ride. It's great that you are able to enjoy riding with friends in the winter as well as summer.

Paint Girl said...

Those are some cool boot warmers! You probably really need them there, it gets a lot colder!
My dog Sadie gets snowballs built up on her feet and leg hair too. But since we don't get that much snow (except this year, it is snowing AGAIN!) I don't worry too much about it. Hope the cooking spray works for Getty!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Nice warmers! I LOVE winter riding lately! I feel even if I were to fall, I would just land in a cloud of snow and laugh it off...I don't know why I think that, lol!
I think the horses really love winter time too :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm thinking I could use a pair of those boot warmers. My feet get so cold, I'd never survive where you are.

Riding in the snow does sound like it would be very peaceful and evey magical though.

juliette said...

Wow! How beautiful can your photos get? The snowy trail is so wonderful. How lucky are you? And with battery operated footwarmers, no less! When I was in middle school and fancied myself an alpine skier (1980) my father bought me battery operated socks. I am sad to report that they did not work as well as your new fabulous footwarmers.
My favorite photo in your post today is the one of Bill and Jackie on that snowy lane with the fence curving in and the trees and field and sky behind. There is something so peaceful and perfect about the light in the sky that I love in that photo.

sally said...

Hey there thanks for visiting my blog. I cant believe the snow that you guys get up in that part of the world. We are of course like you saw enjoying hot summer weather which in a round about way creates its own issues like sunburnt noses ....flies ....humidity and dust. But on the positive its gorgeous for beach riding...making hay....swimming etc. Keep warm and its lovely to see you all out enjoying the snow regardless of the temperature

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