SUN: Cold, Windy Day. WED: Lots o' Snow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today is Wednesday and I am home from work because it has been snowing for HOURS and the company I work for gave everyone the day off. I'm glad about this because today is Brandon's birthday (the big 4-0!) and I am going to bake him some cookies! But first, I am blogging! This is a picture of Getty's foot after romping in the snow for an hour. Darn those toe snowballs. Today would have been a great day to test out the Pam cooking spray on her feet. Did I remember? No I did not. In any case, if you want to see 19 seconds of dog joy, please click here.

I did go for trail ride today which was UNBELIEVEABLY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and which I will detail on my next post.

Before that, here are a few pictures from Sunday''s ride which was windy enough and cold enough to make me easily believe I was visiting the arctic tundra, were it not for all the familiar sights of home.

Here we passed the big pasture where if you look carefully, you can see the horses out there looking at us.

Here I am following Bill and Charlie through the Winter Pasture. Challenges: open space and bitter wind. Baby New Year sure feels a lot like Old Man Winter.... I filmed a short clip while walking through this pasture. Click right here to see it! And if you click here, you will see Bill's version of the same moment! Spoiler Alert: my pink helmet cozy makes me look like I am wearing my pajamas out on the trail! Hilarious.

Bill paused here at the Big Pasture to trade Charlie for Jodie. I do not know how he kept his gloves off for so long to readjust all the straps on the saddle. Brrrr! Do you see Lilly looking as she sees Jodie coming back into the scene? I wonder if she remembers that day in the pasture when Jodie kept charging us. I sure haven't forgotten!

Here is our welcoming committee when we got back to the barn. It is always nice to know someone is at home waiting for a safe return.

Here's one more cute video Bill made: Click riiiight here.

Next post: today's winter wonderland ride!!
Wish you were here!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun in the snow - if you've got snow, you might as well enjoy it with horses!

juliette said...

The bells, the snow, the horses, your pink tea cozy, all make me jealous. You do live and ride in a winter wonderland!!

Paint Girl said...

Again I am living vicariously through you! We have gotten quite a bit of snow this year already, but it usually is just rain. So I don't ride much this time of year. I have to read about everyone else's rides until I can go on my own!
Looks like you all had fun in the snow!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

HOLY SNOW!! I thought we had a lot! Yours looks magical though :) The Angel Donkies add to it too, in the last video.
Getty would be Mason's best friend with all that energy and love to play!
I LOVE riding in the snow! I had forgotten being I did 0 riding w/ Laz last winter (obviously) but we are loving it up this year!!!
Lilly has such a strong looking rear! lol, I couldn't help but notice and I bet when she runs she can have quite a quick burst! She rocks

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