Observing Presidents Day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday I didn't go to work because of the holiday. YEAY! I honored all presidents by tacking up my horse and presidentially riding around the ring. Well, maybe I wasn't riding quite that stylishly. Here is Cody greeting me when I arrived at the farm. It was snowing big, white fluffywuffy snowflakes and had everything looking dreamy.

This photo is not so dreamy! Remember last post when I said QTee had gotten hurt somehow? Well, here is the picture Bill took before he bandaged her up. It looks awful doesn't it? At least the flap of skin has gravity working with it, and not against it.

Bill got the tractor out and plowed the fresh snow out of the ring. At first Lilly tried to give the tractor the hairy eyeball. A tractor she has seen a billion times before. She actually did very well standing in the ring while it went by her. Check out this short video clip to see proof of how good she was. I am amazed that a tractor can go roaring by, rearranging the earth at her feet and not phase her, but a little piece of crinkly tarp can have her jumping out of her own skin. Oh, brumby!

Once the ring was clear of the snow, Lilly and I romped around in it. We haven't been riding extensively at all in the last few weeks because of all the challenging weather. But after she was so great on Sunday, I wanted a repeat performance. I moved some big chunks of icy snow in the ring and we trotted all around them like they were tiny barrels. She did this well. Bill came down and worked with Bella too. He shot this video of Lilly and me loping around the ring. Despite the holiday, this lope was not presidential at all. George Washington, William Henry Harrison and Teddy Roosevelt I am quite sure were all spinning wildly in their graves at the sight. First, my brumby did not like Getty in the ring running around at her feet. Second, she didn't like Bella in the ring because she gets annoyed that Bella exists at all. Third, cantering was clearly not something she felt like doing. Or cantering gracefully, I should say.... I don't really feel like doing this right now, my brumby seemed to be thinking. She pinned her ears and gave me a few crow hops.


Meanwhile, Bill has been working with Bella. The longer we were down in the ring, the stronger and more biting the wind became. Just when I think we might have a calm, windless day, everything changes! Here is a video of Bill doing work on neck reining with Bella. To me, Bella is a cross between a teddy bear and a container ship. Large, adorable, bulky, cute.

Happy Prez Day to all.

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juliette said...

Oh that naughty Lilly. She doesn't like Getty or Bella because she wants you all to herself!

This winter drags on...and next on the menu...mud. Can't wait. We summer girls need a break!

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