Another Sweet Sunday

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When I was a kid we had a board game called PayDay. The board itself was made to look like a month out of the calendar and as you played you had to make sure you paid your mortgage, your credit cards and your taxes. Why a kid would want a game about paying bills I'll never know but I really liked it. One thing I remember about it was how each Sunday was labeled Sweet Sunday. And that is just what this past Sunday was: sweet.
This is a picture of Lilly and me on Sunday waiting for Bill to come down with Yogi from the barn so we could head up the road. The driveway to the barn is right up there on the left. That is my car on the right. Bill was going to walk two Yogi and Bella down to the Big Pasture. But up in the barn he changed his mind and decided to tack Yogi up and ride him down to the BP. My brumby did not want to stand still. She kept turning half a circles as we waited. So I'd keep her going to turn a complete circle and we'd be right back where we started. And then she'd do it all over again.

The whole way down the road I was yammering on and on while Bill, unbeknownst to me, had the video rolling. Note to self: Shut Up!! Down at the BP Bill traded Yogi for Charlie. I am sure Lilly was sorry to see this happening because now at the pasture by the house she will have to contend with Charlie (dominant) instead of Yogi (cream puff).

Look! The road is clear! And nice and soft for my brumby's shoeless feet.

We are notorious for taking pictures! There is a part of me that at times starts to fantasize I work for National Geographic and I need to risk life and limb for a good photo. Well, I have never truly risked my life while trail riding. But I will say that in the moment I am always thinking, This would make such a great picture, I better document it! And the pictures are great, even if only to me.

I happen to love this road very much because it has been a road for so long. I imagine 100+ years ago people were riding their horses up and down this very road, past all of these wonderful sugar maples, going about their 18th century business. Romantically, I feel a connection with them whenever Lilly and I are there.

Look at this pool of water we passed on our way back home! It is like being in Montana!!! This pool only appears in the spring. It is 7 feet deep! Don't get in, Brumby!

Speaking of sugar maples, this is a sure sign of spring time! As soon as I see the trees being tapped, I know that we are close to turning the corner toward warm weather! These guys are doing it with buckets right on the trees....

and these guys are sending all the sap to this giant barrel. There is nothing better than real maple syrup!!!


Paint Girl said...

Love the picture of Lilly standing in front of the pool of water, such a cool color of water with the snow background!
Looks like your snow is starting to melt away....just think, it's almost Spring and good weather to come, hopefully!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I LOVE that water picture...that water is so green and beautiful! Cold I bet :)
Mmm, I've always wanted to make my own maple syrup! yummmy

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hi there, your weather is looking better! gramp's road is like yours to the old farm. our dirt is very different and too muddy with clay but up there it is different and nice for the horse's feet. gramp used to tap his trees as well. such a long long time ago...

Frizzle said...

Oh, this blog post made me very nostalgic, indeed! When I was little I lived in Massachusettes, and every year my family and I would visit a maple sugar farm -- we would go on a sleigh ride, see all the trees with their little sap buckets, and then eat a big pancake breakfast with the BEST maple syrup! Of course, we would buy loads of maple syrup for our own homemade pancakes, plus stock up on enough maple sugar candy to get us kids hopped-up and on a sugar high for MONTHS! Thanks for the memories!

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