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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I know Lilly's birthday has come and gone, but I have always been a big fan of stretching a birthday celebration out for as long as possible. So, to keep the party going, I thought I'd share with you a picture of Lilly when she was just a wee filly. Does it get any cuter? No, it does not, although I am sure there are many horse "mamas" out there who might try to disagree with me!

If you'd like to see a video clip of the party for Lilly in the barn where we give her the fruit cake I made for her, then you will enjoy this clip. I just can't believe my baby is 9 years old!

On Saturday when I got to the barn, this is what was going on. Just a wide variety of creatures hanging around in the sun. I had intended to meet Christine and Jackie there, but Christine was having dental pain and Jackie had a sinus infection. I am still verrry congested, and then Bill got a nosebleed! What a mess our riding academy was!

Bill and I headed down to the trail course in the ring anyway. I did a lot of standing around.

I decided that somehow this head must be a part of the course. So I made a rope loop and thought another step could be retrieving the loop from the mailbox, and then putting it over one of these horns. Do you see how there are woods behind this head? For some of the horses, they are skeptical about sidepassing over there because they are sure monsters live in that patch of woods. (OK, if little tiny finches and sparrows fluttering around are monsters!)

That's Bill with Cody. Cody needed some training on moving over to the mailbox. Like I said: monsters. You can tell by what Bill is wearing, this was not a warm spring day. It's back to cold wind and January temps for us apparently. Just when you think the puffy pants, toe warmers and long johns are a thing of the past, Mother Nature runs screaming in the opposite direction.

Check out Bill and Cody running through the trail course by clicking here!

Around 3pm CC showed up! I have not seen CC in months!

CC's fave horse is Yogi. He's a horse that likes to move fast and CC is the type of rider that likes to move fast with him. Out on the trail, they canter they whole way. Perhaps even gallop...I do not really know because I'd never be able to catch up with them! While I quietly meander on my way, CC and Yogi tear up the trail with real attitude!

Check out CC and Yogi running through the trail course by clicking here!

CC is always very photogenic. Like Jackie. And, she has the most excellent posture when she rides.

This is what Getty does as soon as we come home from the farm. Running around for hours can wear a little doggie out!

What is Doris Day doing here? An anonymous person left a message on my blog saying that Doris Day made a great Calamity Jane. Yeehaw, Doris! So here she is. This will also make my friend Mayr very happy because she is a big Doris Day fan. I also hear Doris was a very big animal rights supporter. And who doesn't love the movie Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson?

Stay tuned for more horsin around Sunday!


Amber said...

I'm not sure why they call it a BirthDAY celebration when clearly it's a month long party. :)

I see dry patches out there! You won't be wearing toe warmers for much longer hopefully.

I had no idea Doris Day played Calamity Jane. I will absolutely have to find the movie now. See what I learn by hanging out here?!

juliette said...

Lilly is cuter than any other little baby ever. Oh, she is adorable.

Glad you got out on the farm with all the creatures. Sounds like an all day ride - poor sleepy Getty!

Doris Day - perfect!

mary c said...

Scull complimenting my girl Doris. Never thought I'd see the day. So happy to see her here.

Michelle said...

Getty is so adorable and so was baby Lilly! What a doll..

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