Spring But Not Sprung

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Uh oh. Look what showed up in my neighborhood this week! A load of snow! This picture was taken yesterday morning.

There is Brandon sweeping the snow from his car. I got two hour snow delay. The snow did not stick around for long. By this morning it was pretty much gone. But our temps are not warm at all. It just goes to show you: it ain't over until its over.

I have been so busy I never got to post about last Sunday. So even though I am just about to leave today (Saturday) for this weekend's riding, I am posting a few pictures from last Sunday. Because it was a beautiful day...albeit windy.

And Rosalie was able to come and ride! She hasn't had very many lessons over the winter, and then QTee hurt her foot. But Rosalie has not forgotten a single thing. Here she is on Pokey. This picture slaaaays me.

She and Pokey did the trail course we still have in the ring with Jackie's assistance. To see Rosalie on the trail course in a video, click here for one Bill made. It starts with me and Lilly, and then Rosalie and Pokey come after.

Here is Jackie trying to get Pokey and Rosalie to step backwards. Pokey had his own ideas. Whatever we try to do in the ring, once you add in the wind, something that seems like it will be easy suddenly has a whole new wall up in front of it. The wind is so annoying. It's like a monkey on your back hitting your head with a stick while you're trying to do something. You might have nothing against the monkey generally speaking, but in that moment you just want it to go away.

There is so much fun to be had in the ring with a trail course set up. We are really limited only by our imaginations as to what we can incorporate.

Meanwhile, back at my house, we were having an explosion of our rabbit population. On Sunday morning before going over to ride Lilly, I looked in Licorice's cage to see not 3, not 4 but FIVE pink babies in there. At first we thought Leopard (the rabbit in this picture) was the father. But he was neutered in January. So then I thought it was an immaculate conception, and all of these rabbits were like little Jesuses. Now we find out that while Licorice was visiting Kestrel for a week in early March, her un-neuteed male rabbit (Fluffernutter, who happens to look just like Leopard) must have gotten "a little too close" to Licorice. Oooh dear. Brandon had to have a very long discussion with Kestrel about this. It is not about romance with rabbits, he said. They just see a good thing and go for it, and a fraction of a half of a second later the fatherly deed is done.

On Tuesday while peeking in at the bunnies, I observed there are not five but SIX. I have wanted to take pictures of them, but am worried the flash will hurt them. Brandon says this is crazy since their eyes are not even open. All I can say is this: They are wonderfully wonderfully cute.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Uh-oh about the rabbits. ;)

I love that picture where Rosalie is dismounting and the other three are having a meeting of the minds... I wonder if they are gossiping?

Sorry about the snow, but your trail course is to die for... jea-lous!

Paint Girl said...

Oh goodness, baby rabbits! Can't wait for you to take pictures and post them! They have to be so cute!
Snow again, wow. I don't think Spring is going to come, ever!

Frizzle said...

Hahahha, I had to chuckle @ Brandon's explanation of the rabbit "fatherly deed," lol. I guess having rabbits is good sex-ed for a kid!

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