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Friday, May 27, 2011

The weather this past week has been too fabulous to ignore! Even though my brumby was down in the BP nibbling grass to her heart's content, on Wednesday I went to Bill's after work to get some riding in. I snapped this picture of Brumby on my way to the barn. I stopped the car, got out and screamed BRUUUUUMMMBEEEEEEEE! Just about all of the horses looked at me. Except (you guessed it), my brumby. Well, she was off the hook this time! I was planning to ride Glitter.

Here are two reasons why riding Wednesday night was so grand: Christine and Whitney! It feels like I haven't seen Christine in forever! So it was great to be back at the barn with her. And Whitney? We will make her a bona fide Bear River Horse Farm girl yet!

Even Brandon showed up! This was shaping up to me one perfect evening! Bill came down to the ring with us, and his wife Jackie for a while. Bill called Jackie K on her cell phone even though she was camping in New Hampshire with Rosalie's class, so she could "be there" too.

With Lilly in the Big Pasture, Whitney and I shared Glitter. Up at the barn was a perfect time to get her familiar with being ground tied. Chris Cox says there are no cross ties in his barn; every horse must know how to ground tie. It certainly comes in handy when on the trail and you need to dismount for some reason. Taking a picture of a mushroom for example! or taking a pee!!

The light in the ring was so beautiful. While Whitney got started on Glitter, I set up a mini obstacle course.

Look at Whitney ride!

QTee is back in action after her injury in February. It has taken her a long time to heal up and be ride-able. But Wednesday night, Christine asked Whitney if she'd like to give QTee a try. So here is Christine getting Whitney all set up. Whitney is probably thinking, Oh thank goodness, an english saddle!

And she was off!!

This is me on Glitter, and Whitney on QTee. Brandon said I was riding better than he has ever seen me ride before. I am not sure how I feel about that since I was not on my own horse! Later I got on QTee. Here's my analysis of riding QTee: some horses are like little hotrods that zip all over. Some are like very cozy Toyota Corollas. But Qtee, well, QTee is like your southern grandfather's Cadillac. She's a luxury liner and riding her feels like you are floating on air. I even did a flying lead change on her! There is something very grand and special about QTee.

This weekend I will not be riding. I will be in Montreal celebrating my birthday! Or should I be saying, mon anniversaire? I'll take some pictures and share them.

See you when I get back, and Happy Memorial Day.


Frizzle said...

Wow, QTee sounds like an absolute dream! And don't worry, I'm sure your brumby was not offended by you riding other horses; she was probably very happy to get out of work and lounge around the pasture munching on grass! Sounds like a great day all around. :-D

juliette said...

So happy that QTee is back and doing so well. What fun on the farm for horse and humans!

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