It's just a little rain.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can you believe this picture? It may look like nothing, but I took it as proof that we are back on the trail. Saturday I vowed to be out on the trail rain or shine. Why should some water stop me? Besides, when I got to the barn, the sun was peeping around the clouds and it felt good. So, out we went: me and Lilly, Bill and Glitter.

It is good to be back to trail picture-taking!! We cannot resist a good photo opp! I am not sure why it looks like Bill is wearing flying goggles in this picture.

Hah! What's good for the goose is good for the gander! Or vice versa. Quack. Out in the woods on this ride, I was not watching the sky and did not notice a large and menacing cloud moving in. Leaving the trail Bill said we better move fast to beat the rain. I thought we were moving pretty fast, but we did not beat the rain. Everyone and everything, drenched!

Sunday it was not even remotely sunshiney, but it was not raining either. My friend Whitney was working at a farm nearby and when she was done we pigged out at breakfast and then went over to ride some horses! I was not sure what horse to have Whitney ride. She's a beginner and just wanted to climb on and have fun. She ended up riding both Glitter and Bella!

I rode Glitter too. I am not sure what has gotten into me, riding all these horses that are not my very own brumby. Glitter was all tacked up, and seemed so willing to have a rider, that I climbed on. She was awesome. She did everything I asked her to. We trotted and cantered around the ring & got some sidepassing practice in.

There is Whitney on Bella! Bella is still one of my faves. I love her round body, her beautiful color and how she will trot around anywhere. Even though Whitney kept saying she felt like a bag of potatoes in the saddle, she did not looks like a bag of anything. She looked like a fabulous rider. And I think she was really having a good time! I heard her laughing a lot.

There I am on Glitter.

There, that looks good. Glitter is a natural at a collected headset. In the corner of the picture, you can see my brumby. Next time, brumby, it will be you!!! Don't get too used to being a spectator!

See? There is Whitney smiling away on Bella. Happy.

While we were down in the ring, Bill's wife Jackie found this morel mushroom in the backyard! This is such a perfect specimen that when I took it home to Brandon, his eyes lit up when he saw it. They are not that easy to find around here. This mushroom is poisonous raw, but if you cook it, it is delicious. There are some morel impostors out there so you must be careful. Always check with an expert before ingesting!

Meanwhile, back at home, we have adopted one of Licorice's babies born in March. There is Getty monitoring him. We cannot decide what to name this rabbit. Kestrel says Midnight, I say Dandelion and Brandon says Spider. So for now, he is The Midnight Dandelion Spider. And boy is he cute.

Hope you all had a dry, sunny, horsey weekend!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Glad you got a trail ride in despite the impending wetness. Love the dueling cameras shots ;)

It's great to ride other horses, as long as brumbys don't get jealous.

That bunny is super cute... and looks really small next to Getty's head. Maybe whichever name you choose - add super... Super Dandelion has a nice ring to it :)

juliette said...

Your ride in the woods looks great. I am glad the rain held off a little for you. It is so good to ride different horses as long as Lilly doesn't mind. It makes you such a better rider.

How cool is that mushroom? And the littlest bunny?!! Adorable! It doesn't matter what you name it, the name will invariably evolve into something else. That is what happens, here at our house, at least. I can see Dandelion becoming Dandy-puppy or some such thing. Noodlebug has become Lunchkin and Fureggling, and all kinds of silly names.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

YUM...Michigan is Morel country. They are YUMMMMEEE. Eeks, though, I didn't know they were poisonous raw! Thank goodness I've never tested that theory
A good ride on the trail must have felt great. Good for Lilly for handling the rain. Laz tries to convince me he's rugged but in the rain, he's a baby! :)
That BunBun is toooo cute :)

Frizzle said...

What a good brumby dealing with being ridden in a downpour -- some ponies believe they are made out of sugar and will melt in the rain! :-)

And no, no, cute fuzzy bunnies deserve better names than Spider! I mean, who wants to be named after an icky 8-legged arthropod? I think you and Kestrel are on the right track, though; maybe Brandon should be banned from name-deciding meetings!

Jocelyn said...

Spider? not for a cute thing such as that bunny!

I am so jealous that you got to ride in the rain, as I dont get to ride at all ! Star will be with me soon, NOT soon enough, but soon!

Michelle said...

What a fun post! I don't know where to begin! The bunny is adorable, the dog is adorable, the forelock on Bella is adorable. Oh man, looks like you have been having lots of fun! Even with the rain. (But isn't it a bit liberating to be riding in the pouring rain? After you get over the panic at all your tack getting trashed...)

Pony Girl said...

Howdy Brumby girl! Glad you are getting some riding in. You can't be a fair-weather rider if you want to get rides in around here, but safe conditions are important so I didn't get any rides in this winter! ;-( Your Brumby looks great and Glitter moves so pretty under saddle. The bunny is adorable!
Hope all is well!

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