Rain Rain Rain

Thursday, May 19, 2011

All it does around here these days is rain. Even when it is not raining, it looks and feels like it is going to. For days, I'm telling you. I sure hope this isn't going to be one of those drizzly cool summers. Those are The Worst. (I like my summers hot and sunny.) We are starting to feel like Noah around here. In any case, here is Brandon with my brumby last Sunday. We walked her back to the Big Pasture after she was up near the barn for the weekend. On Sunday, in the rain, back to the BP she went. She looks so funny in this picture because she had a huge bite of apple in her mouth. Yum.

Here are her BP friends, wondering what is going on. One good thing about the rain is that everything is gorgeously green.

I am slipping in Lilly in this gate because if I can avoid an equine kerfuffle while returning her with the others, I will be happy. You can see both of us are looking to see where the herd is. They're out there all right. Once Lilly was in there she kicked at someone with both back feet and let out a big, ridiculous squeal. Bill tells me that the geldings do not squeal, only the mares. The funny thing is, she knows these horses oh so well. I wonder what would happen if I put her in a pasture of strangers! I bet there'd be some stellar drama.

Brandon took this picture to assure Bill we locked the gate up tight. Don't ask me what kind of knot I have tied. I think it is called amateur knot. It is not at all like the knot Bill had there. But it looks secure!

Last week we had a few decent nights in between downpours, so Christine and I went to ride in the ring when I got finished with work. I don't know what came over me, but I got the crazy idea to ride another horse. Bill was on Jodie, so I asked if I could ride her. At Bill's I am welcome to ride any critter, as he says. Jodie felt small and narrow compared to my brumby. She shot around the ring like a little red roan rocket. First we trotted very fast and before I knew it, we were loping around. It was not a big floppy lope at all. It was petite and cute.

Truth be told, I feel like Bella zips around the ring too. I am wondering if other horses aren't fast but maybe that my own brumby is quite slow. Jodie also had power brakes and power steering! When I got back on Lilly, she felt so comfortable, and I realized how well I really do know her and her tendencies. She is my comfort and my heart. But Jodie was really a very good girl and will be a very good horse for whomever buys her from Bill.

This weekend, the weatherguy says, more rain! I might just have to let my tack get wet and ride anyway. I am lonesome for the trail! And I also want to try all of the new suggestions I have been getting for an obstacle course! Come on, Mother Nature, give us cowgirls a break!


Anonymous said...

We've had horrible weather here too, but maybe we'll all turn a corner soon. Mares squeal, geldings (at least the aggressive ones) can scream or bellow.

Paint Girl said...

I totally feel your pain!! We had non stop rain for 7 months! Yesterday and today was actually sunny and WARM, 70 degrees! It's the first time it has hit 70 this year!
I love your second picture. It is very cool!!

Frizzle said...

Uggghhhhh, I feel ya, girl. Here in Miami, it rains basically half the year. Yuck! I'll have to break out the Keratex Hoof Gel so Salem's little hoofie don't melt!
Hope ya get some rain-free trail time in soon!

Jocelyn said...

That was us last year, 65 straight days of rain. What I love about Alaska is the no RAIN!
Sorry I have been absent , this move to Alaska and the triathlon is about to kill me dead!

juliette said...

We are here with you and the rain...this morning it is sunny for the first time in forever. That said, I would like a rain jacket as great as yours in the photos - green/mustard-y so cool. You look great!

Hope the sun is there too today - Saturday riding day on the trails!

lmel said...

Yup, it's another rainy day in Maine too! Will it ever end. It will make for some soggy riding.

Once Upon an Equine said...

We had one of those drizzly cold summers last year. I agree...they are miserable. Rain never seems to come in just the right amount. It's always too much or too little. I hope you get some good riding weather soon.

Michelle said...

It's always feast or famine, isn't it? Down here, we are praying for rain....haven't had a drop in weeks and it's hot and miserable. The grass is crunchy and nothing is growing.....where in this country can you find some balance?!
Oh, and I LOVE the photo of the horses in between the tree branches. Gorgeous.

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