Come Along With Me, little brumbles

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday was not the sunniest day in the world. But no rain, so while Brandon took Kestrel to ballet, I tidied the house and then dashed over to see Lilly. She was in the Big Pasture so Bill and I went to get her. But where was my brumby? Bill called for them. There's Bella coming...and a donkey....

Two donkeys and Bella, moving closer. Still no paint mare. Bill called again.
More brumbies coming, joyfully running to see what the humans are up to.

Helloooo, Pokey, Charlie and Ruby! You haven't happened to see a recalcitrant paint brumby, have you?
Oh wait, I see something glowing like a lightbulb way off in the distance. A creature not moved in any way to come running to the people who feed and clothe her!

Do you see Lilly peeking at me from afar! I know what she is thinking. It is: All you are going to do is make me work and lug you around!

That's right, brumby, I am a mean old lady who loves you with her entire burnt garlic clove of a heart. I would do anything for you! I love you unconditionally. And let me ask my bloggers, Who could not love a mare like this with her little Mona Lisa smile? The truth is, once Lilly came close, she had no problem with me putting a halter on her and leading her out of the BP.

Back at the barn, I noted an injury. Eeek! I don't like to see any brumby bleeding!

SWAT to the rescue! This stuff should be called SWAK. Because it is like putting little kisses all over Lilly's wounds.

Down in the ring, Bill set up the trailer for trailer loading practice. While Bill practiced loading Glitter, Lilly eyed the trailer carefully, making small nickering noises. Honestly, my horse has never had a problem walking into a trailer and then being in it quietly. Trailer loading is going to be a new part of our "trail courses" in the ring. And I was just reading about another one we can add: carrying a cup of water without spilling as you trot your brumby from one end of the ring to the other! By the way, if anyone has great ideas for our trail course in the ring, please let me know!

Bill and Glitter were zooming by so fast, they came up as a blur in this photo! Or was I just not using the camera correctly? You decide!

Goof girl, Glitter.

Today as I write this post about yesterday, it is pouring rain. Just when I think it is going to quiet down, another deluge comes in. So Brandon and I are going over to Bill's to walk Lilly from the close pasture back to the BP. I want to keep Lilly in the big pasture as much as possible because it's filled with lush green grass and she's acclimated to it.

I hope everyone is having a horse-filled weekend!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Poor Brumby :(

I like the glass of water trail challenge - how about an egg and spoon race? A little messier but still fun! Glad you and Lilly got to ride between the rains :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Lots of fun trail course ideas out there.
Poor Lilly leg..dont you hate when you see a cut or something, but then quickly calm down to be happy it's only a 'cut' and not something needing stitches.
Agreed..over the rain!

Frizzle said...

Oh, I chuckled with delight @ "burnt garlic clove of a heart" and "Mona Lisa smile." :-D
For a trail course...hhhmm, I think I copy/pasted someone's report from a trail course on my blog. I shall go look for the link.
Here it is --
Yowza, that is one tough course!!

Paint Girl said...

I think it is great that you guys are doing a trail course! Sounds like so much fun. We do courses like that at our annual Pony Cousin's trip. It's so much fun.
Hope Lilly's cut heals up. Poor thing.

ltd said...

One of our biggest challenges is stepping on a mattress. My mare *hates* that. And you can try dragging something substantial. We drag tires around obstacle courses.

And it can be a lot of fun to pony a buddy around too. That's a good thing to learn to do too.

Michelle said...

Eww, too much rain! I love the photos of Lily approaching ever so carefully! She is so adorable. I like those trail challenges too. I should start doing some things like that myself. Tiny is so rough to ride, I'm not sure how much water would be left though!

juliette said...

You write so well!!! I love your images. My favorite part, though, was the small nickers Lilly does to the trailer!!!! How cool is that? I want to get a trailer and have Bill come down and teach my horses to love it so much that they nicker!!!!

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