Happy Animal Mum's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all, whatever type of creature you mother! Seeing how my brumby is one of my babies, I couldn't let the day go by without seeing her. Even though it looked like some stormy clouds were moving in, we were all determined to have a horse day. Lilly's synthetic hoof patch had fallen off so I put the Renegades on her for the trail. Tomorrow Bill and Jackie will apply a new patch. (There is a notch of her hoof gone that needs to be filled in.) While I outfitted her with her ruby slippers, Bill and Jackie trimmed Pokey's feet.

The flies and other bugs were so bad today. They kept flying into my eyes and mouth. SO GROSS. Jackie broke out a fly bonnet for Pokey which transformed him into Granny. I shouldn't make fun because I happen to know those fly bonnets are one of the best inventions ever. Kind of like Post-It notes and velcro. Still, Pokey did look very much like a Grandma with his crocheted bonnet on.

Out on the trail Jackie rode Pokey, Bill rode Freddie and Christine rode Glitter who needs more miles under saddle. We have not been on a trail ride in a verrrrry long time.

There was a little theater out on the trail. Scene One: Without QTee there, not one of the horses knew who was alpha. It seemed they were all trying to figure out their trail rank. There was much ear pinning and snorting. Lilly kept wanting to charge to the front of the pack. She stirred up Glitter who began to give Christine a hard time. Scene Two: Here we are switching saddles and horses. Christine untacked Glitter and put her english saddle on Pokey, Bill got on Glitter and Jackie switched to Freddie. Whereupon Pokey decided he was going to act up. Not fun at all for Christine, and it was Mother's Day when everything should be right as rain. Scene Three: In the end, we cut our trail ride short and headed back to the ring. Back to basics for everyone. There is nothing like a little Moliere out on the trail.

It really seemed like a deluge was coming anyway. I have ridden my horse in the rain many times--one time the rain was so furious, Bill and I had to stop riding and wait it out. But really, I don't like riding in a downpour if I can avoid it. I was perfectly happy to ride in the ring. There is much to do down there--especially with the poles for polebending all set up!

And we can't forget the gate opening and closing! here is Jackie trying it on Pokey. He wasn't quite sure what to do. The first time, the horses must be thinking: why are you asking me to sidepass into this giant metal fence? As Bill says, we know what we're doing because we're talking about it. The horses aren't talking about it, they're simply trying to figure out what it is we want them to do. It is fun, though, to pretend that a herd of expensive cows are about to bust out if we don't get it right!

There is Bill working with Granny--oops, I mean Pokey, to get it right. Practice will make perfect.

Just a reminder. Hah Hah!

I am very happy that summer is en route!!!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too :)

Here's to a mild summer full of fun trail rides sans drama (and bugs)!!

Frizzle said...

Oooo, you reminded me of one of my fave book lines -- "He's the fizz that makes the collins bright, Moliere, but not the vodka." Love it!

Glad you're back out on thr trail with your girl!

Michelle said...

Ha ha! WHY would you post that awful photo of snow!! You are wicked. Glad to see you had a fun and exciting trail ride. Oh, I thought it was funny...when you commented on my site you typed your URL as "bloodspot" instead of "blogspot" - everything ok up there?!

juliette said...

Happy belated Mother's Day. You are a good brumby mother. I love Pokey as Granny. That snow photo was an instant appreciation getter. I have been complaining about rain...your photo puts me right.

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