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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am BACK! Finally the bedroom reno is done and my computer has been unburied and re-instated. I think it is fitting that on this day of the Kentucky Derby, I am back in blogging action! I have really missed blogging and keeping up with my blogger friends. What's more, spring has finally sprung here and we are officially out of the winter doldrums! Oh, there are many reasons to celebrate. This is a picture of my brumby earlier this afternoon. That is Christine in the background, riding QTee for the first time since QTee's injury three months ago.

Now who's that coming down with a halter in his hand!?

This is Bill tending to QTee's dressing. She still has a giant scab on her injury. Christine rode her around, walking, trotting and gently cantering. QTee looked great. Christine and QTee are like salt and pepper, sugar and spice, peanut butter and jelly. They are a perfect pair.

After riding QTee, Christine switched to Glitter, and Bill rode Freddie. It was so great being out there in the ring, zooming around on my brumby. She was so good! And the sun, for a change, was shining!

We also practiced opening a gate and closing it. When I tried it with Lilly, she was pretty good, but if there really had been cows in the picture, they all would have escaped because it took so long. I guess I am not quite a cowgirl yet.

This is Bill with Freddie. Looks like he would have let some cows out too! The truth is, if the horse is not quite sure what you are asking him, the first few times, getting the motions right for going through a gate and closing it behind you, it will take a few tries to let him know what he is expected to do. As you probably already know all too well.

Both Freddie and Lilly did very well, all things considered. Such good brumbies, one and all!

Finally, I thought I'd remind you of Kestrel's room before we renovated it. It had bunkbeds in it and was perpetually messy. And those yellow walls! The yucky floor! Oh dear.

Here is the room now. What you can't see in this picture is Kestrel's doll collection (on those shelves to the left) which I find very creepy. They all have these fancy clothes and vacant eyes that stare into space like zombies. Each Christmas Kestrel's grandmothers buy new dolls for the collection. Sigh. You will also see a framed print in the far wall. That is one of Honeysuckle Faire's artistic renderings of my brumby eating grass!

OK, I am off to watch the derby! There is a female jockey that every one is talking about. I cannot wait to watch her ride.

Mint juleps for everyone!!


Frizzle said...

Yay, I'm glad you and the Brumbs are back! :-)

Paint Girl said...

Kestrel's room turned out great! I love it!!
Glad you are back, missed ya in blog land!

juliette said...

Finally got to this post. So wonderful to see you all back in the ring and sunshine. And QTee and Christine back riding - so great!

I haven't practiced gate opening with the boys yet from horseback. On my list...

Kestrel's room reno was a wonderful success! I love the floor and wall color. She must be so happy. Thank you for featuring the poster. It looks cool against the colorful wall!

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