Sunday Night Blues

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This weekend, I went to the beach with Brandon to my father-in-law's place. Brandon was dying for a weekend at the seashore (even though I would have been happy to ride horses all weekend!). That is him in the water on Friday. Yes, he is the only one in the water. It was rather chilly on Friday!

Saturday was much better. More sun and fun. But still the water was only 68 degrees. I did get in and played around for 5 minutes. Too cold. I got out and read an Agatha Christie mystery on the beach.

There are my feet!

One night Brandon and his dad went fishing on the jetty. We were just arriving as this party boat was going out. I read more while they fished. I am always glad for the fish when they don't catch anything! Which they didn't!
Now it's Sunday night and its back to work tomorrow. I'm so depressed.


lmel said...

Ditto here--it's Sunday night, after a great weekend of riding, and I'm facing a 6-day workweek, ugh! Hope you get in some good riding this week!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Oh, makes me miss the beach!! I only have TWO more days of work then I am off for the summer! :-)

juliette said...

Oh, I adore the photo of the sky and your book. And, I love Agatha Christie! My favorite is And Then There Were None or I think it is called Ten Little Indians here or in England.

I hope your week was so much fun riding and the time at the beach looks fun too!

Michelle said...

68 degrees? Hmph. I'm way too much of a baby to live up there! Sounds like you had a great weeekend though!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sounds like you made the best of the beach - chilling out as it were ;)

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