Last Day of July--Oh My!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can you believe I have to go back to work tomorrow and leave the pleasures of the pasture behind me? That is so gross. What will Lilly do without me? She'll have a fine time, that's what. No more sweaty saddle to wear, no more trudging over hill and dale, through Trollwood and back again. I am the one who will have all the withdrawal symptoms.

However, as I return to work, I must be like this mushroom--springing joyously from a pile o' poop to thrive. I wonder if my co-workers will read this blog and think that I am calling them poop? I doubt it. The true fact is, I want to be with Lilly EVERY DAY and not at my desk at work at all.

This past week has been so terrific, riding every day! I was also thrilled to get a package in the mail on Friday from my friend Karen P that had birthday presents inside! Look at this cool fly swatter that she sent! At first Lilly was not sure of this new item. She gave it the hairy eyeball, both in the barn and on the trail. I started using it immediately on the deer flies that were clinging tenaciously to her ears. The flies got a good whap with the new swatter.

Saturday I showed up at Bill's for a ride and he was just coming out of the woods after making mincemeat of the three trees that were blocking the trail. He was too hot and exhausted from the tree work to ride, and Christine was not around. So Lilly and I set off alone. When there is just me and Lilly, I hear all the birds chirping, and see toads hopping along on the forest floor. It's like I am on Toad Road.

Here is a part of the trail I call The Chapel because it truly reminds me of a leafy aisle of an outdoor church. Which you cannot tell at all from this picture. You will have to take my word for it! As I ride though The Chapel, I call out: Beware, Bear! Or I will despair! This particular time I did this using a Boston accent, in case there were any eastern Mass bears in the neighborhood.

Oh dear! What if an animal came darting out of this hollow log? Well, because we are in Trollwood, it would probably be a troll darting out to wreak havoc and then disappear again.

I was riding through Trollwood from the opposite direction. So while this is usually the beginning of the Tollwood trail, this time it was the ending of it. Have I ever mentioned how different a trail can look when you come at it from a different angle?
Not that long ago, this was all cattle pasture. How quickly a forest can re-assert itself!

This hay field is positively gorgeous. However, I am always careful here because I know my brumby likes to run fast in big open spaces. (That is, when she is not trying to grab huge mouthfuls of hay.) If I let her get up in a canter here, we might be off like a rocket. If I am going to rocket through some wide open fields, I better wait until I have someone with me.

Tomorrow Getty turns 2!!
Happy Birthday, dear little dog! We love you!


juliette said...

Happy Birthday Getty!!!

So sorry about returning to the poop, um, I mean work. I want to ride all day too. I think that I really want to move my three boys up there to Bill's and ride in trollwood and pick mushrooms and find my horses head-first in ponds in the pasture. You sure have it good.

My mother talks incessantly about a fly swatter like the one Karen bought you. I am going to get one.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Val would like it if I would not only acquire a fake tail fly swatter, but would hang around all day using it. He wants to know when I am going on vacation ;)

Glad you enjoyed your time off and had lots of good rides. I hope your transition back to work is gentle.

lmel said...

Love the fly swatter! I need one like that, although I did find beech holds up longer than sweet birch, although after 4 hours, the leaves (that remained) were quite dry!

Amber said...

That picture of The Chapel through Lilly's ears is priceless. I would so frame that and put it on my desk at work!
Your trails are captivating, relaxing, and invigorating. No wonder you and Lilly love to travel through them.

C-ingspots said...

What fun!! I felt like I was on that ride with you and your brumby...very cool! I found my way here via ranch girl diaries. I watch for those pesky trolls when I ride too...never, ever trust a troll not cause mischief. Sorry you have to return to work - I feel the same way. Working interferes with our lives waaaaayy too much!! Happy Summer!!

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