Good Ole Summertime

Friday, July 29, 2011

This hilarious picture of Lilly was taken by Jackie K's oldest daughter Gracie. Lilly is actually in the pond in the barn pasture, probably slurping up some water. But it looks more like she has decided to become a ground hog!

This week I have also been on vacation at home while Brandon has returned to work. I have tried to sleep in each day, considering being able to stay in bed until 11am a TRIUMPH in pure relaxation. Unfortunately, I have not managed this feat. There are too many things to do. I have also realized that my Playlist feature on this blog is not working which infuriates me. One day it was working fine and the next day Bay State Brumby seems destined to hear Music Box Dancer forever. Now that is embarrassing!

The good news is that I have been able to ride Lilly every day! On Tuesday, in honor of Rosalie's 11th birthday, Jackie K and Rosalie and I went off in the woods for Rosalie's first trail ride ever! There you see Rosalie on Glitter. Rosalie was feeling very confident, and Glitter sparkled with perfect behavior!

I think Rosalie could easily seen that riding a good horse on the trail is a very special thing. We went on the Lower Loop and the Upper Loop Trails, which Rosalie renamed Bear Kingdom Trail because it looks so obviously like bear habitat. I am sure it is, but I am still not sure I want to see a bear on the trail. I am very worried that Lilly will freak out. Or maybe I will, even though I know black bears are quite shy, generally speaking. I cannot find the jingle bells I used to have to jingle on my saddle in bear country. But I do have some rhythm bells which I hang around Lilly's neck.

The next day I was back at the barn. This time Bill came out and rode with me. He rode QTee to the Big Pasture, and ponied Glitter out there too. He thought both could benefit from having a huge expanse of grass to munch on all day.

Once at the BP, Bill dropped off those two and got Pokey out for the rest of our trail ride. Don't you love Pokey's big ole bum?

Naturally, Lilly the ambler and I fell behind Bill, so a few times he waited for us. Have you ever seen a horseman appear in the woods unexpectedly up ahead? I always have a split second of OH!

I have mentioned that Lilly is on a special regimen of medicine for her feet and her Lyme disease. This is her antibiotic that she gets twice a day.

The antibiotic makes her poop sloppy and cowploppy, so she also gets some probiotics.

Here is her medicinal mixture for the day before, the day of, and the day after shoeing.

And each morning, she gets a small dose of bute for maintenance. This reminds me I have to call the vet and give him an update on Lilly. He may decide to gradually reduce the bute.
And of course, Lilly has shoes on (with a slightly higher heel) which she will always wear. No more bare feet for this mare.

Yesterday I was out on the trail again! I thought Christine would be able to join me, but she must have gotten tied up, so I set off on Bear Kingdom Trail solo. Without other horses, you would not belieeeeeve how slowly my brumby was walking on that trail. We found this lobster mushroom right away (which Brandon later added to our dinner).

Those bloodsucking flies are so bad right now. Yesterday Bill was using a small bough to flutter around Pokey's head to keep them away. When I tried the same thing with Lilly, it scared her so when we were supposed to be cantering up the trail, I got a full gallop. (as if she's never seen a tiny leafy branch before!) So today on the trail I got another branch and worked on desensitizing her as we walked along.

Here we found the trail blocked! Looks like a chain saw is in order! We bushwacked around this blockade, and my brumby seemed to forget her bushwacking manners and tried to charge past me a few times. Ummm, no, that is not acceptable! See what happens when a paint mare gets most of the summer off? She conveniently forgets proper behavior!

Back at the barn, I mixed up her medicine just as Bill showed me, using a little water, some grain, and a tiny bit of molasses to make it appealing. Boy does Lilly love this mixture. She eats every molecule of it!
I am horrified that it is already Friday and my vacation is already over. I am just not cut out for a full time job. Should I start playing Mass Millions?


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yay for a nice trail ride on Miss Lill :)
I hope she does well on her med concoction and seems if she's eating it, that is half the battle won. I emailed u some info...hoping u got it? xo

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

I have another month of vacation. I love being a teacher and getting my summer vacation! I did not know Lilly had contracted Lyme disease! How did you know?
I love that first picture, it made me smile! Some of the ranch horses will stand chest deep in the mucky pond in their pasture and play and splash in the water!

lmel said...

I love the pictures from your trail rides. If I trusted Harley to stand still more, I'd take just as many. Yes, the 'ole tree bough makes an excellent fly swatter! It's the only thing that truly keeps them from bothering the horses. I even stick a small one under the bridle behind his ears to keep them from landing. Better than any fly dope! Happy trails.

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