Sweet Summer Vacation

Monday, July 25, 2011

I have just returned from a week of vacation at the seashore. (Here is Branny Muffs on the Beach). While I was away, Bill kept up with Lilly's medicine: she gets a nice mixture of bute, tetracycline, grain, probiotics and a touch of molasses to make it yummy.

Now here is a sign you don't see every day! We saw this sign right outside of Cape May, a darling of a tourist beach town, way at the southern end of New Jersey.

I also saw this sign which made me laugh--creativity in advertising is essential!

And there are those quadricycles that everybody mocks but that secretly I think would be really fun, however dorky. I wonder if they are hard to steer.

Here is what awaits you on the beach at Cape May.

This time, we not only made a day trip to Cape May, we also went to Philadelphia for the day... to see...

....yes, you guessed it! the zoo! Nevermind that it was something like 150 degrees that day, this was a nice little zoo.

There were some giant tortoises lounging around nibbling lettuce,

and this polar bear was cruising around in his tank of water.

This guy seemed to know he had a little crowd watching him. I was excited that there were camel rides at this zoo, but was crushed when we discovered it was too hot for the camels to give rides that day. You know if a camel can't take the heat, that it must have been really HOT! I was fully interested in what a saddle for a camel might look like. Oh well, maybe next time.

We spent a week at the beach, but it is always nice to come home where I have the next week off to devote to riding my brumby. She is SO MUCH BETTER since she has her medicine and her new shoes on.

Today I had to waste all this time waiting for the plumber to come and replace our water pressure tank (apparently they can get waterlogged). Once the plumber was all set up, I took off to see my brumby! Wouldn't you know that's the exact same time it decided to downpour? Did that stop me or Bill from heading out? No way. That's what I could see of Bill ahead of me, in his super waterproof rain slicker suit.

Bill stayed pretty dry in his orange suit. I got completely drenched in my clothes. I should have worn either 1. my duster--which was on the clothesline airing out back at home, or 2. the other orange jacket Bill had--which I refused when he offered it, thinking I'd be just fine.

My jacket was water resistant, but hardly waterproof! My teeth started to chatter! This was a far cry from last week when temps were soaring to over 100!!!

Still, I refused to be put off. I had not been on my brumby in weeks! I was so glad that she was sound after weeks of being ouchie. This is Bill on Cody.

On our way to Trollwood, we passed Bill's wife Jackie in the blueberry patch! At first Lilly was not sure who or what Jackie was. She stood up very tall and seemed like she might bolt. Then she grabbed at the grass. Then she got tall and nervous again. After the blueberry patch, we rode through Trollwood and then on back to the barn.

Here is Lilly eating her soupy goulash of medicine. Mmm Mmm, good!


lmel said...

Good for you, riding in the downpour! I guess a week away from Harley would drive me to do the same. Glad to see Lilly's on the mend!

juliette said...

Hooray for Lilly's soundness and good health. I am jealous of your rain and lush grass and shivering! I haven't shivered in months. We are dry and dusty and unbearable.

I love Cape May! We stay in sleepy Avalon right up the road. Cape May, Stone Harbor and Avalon are right out of a picture book.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Looks like a fun vacation. The Polar Bear had the right idea. Glad you had a nice ride with Brumby upon your return. That's a nice way to follow up a good vacation.

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