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Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, we had a few tense hours yesterday when we almost had to evacuate as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene dropped so much water on western Mass that water was everywhere, spilling over river banks with ferocity, busting down dams and overwhelming creekbeds. In our own town, Ashfield Lake almost breached its own dam. If it had done that, then I'd be living in a hotel right now, with 4 rabbits, two guinea pigs, a dog two cats and one bird.

Brumbies are all fine!

Here is some footage of the town nearby that has a historic bridge of flowers, some awesome glacial potholes, a darling market..well when there isn't a hurricane. Watching this footage takes my breath away.

Click right here for a crazy shot of Shelburne Falls Mass, our neighbor town, and the Deerfield River that runs through it.

I hope everyone is OK out there.


Kate said...

So glad you're all OK! I've been to Shelburne Falls and the river sure didn't look like that then! Pretty scary!

juliette said...

Hooray for your safety and family and animals and Brumby and friends! That video is crazy scary! Mother Nature is harsh when she wants to be.

lmel said...

Yowza! Glad everyone is high and dry. We had nothing like that over here in Maine.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh my! The rushing water in that video is frightening. Glad you and your critters are safe and well.

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