Lazy Little Wednesday

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Generally speaking, I am quite the homebody. When I finish with work, usually I like to go right home. With two exceptions: my french lessons and my brumby. OK, and maybe a night out with friends for Chinese food. Anyway, on Wednesday after work, I went over to see my brumby. Louise was wandering around in the front yard.

Down in the ring, I tried to get some snaps of QTee and Christine. But each picture came out fuzzy, like I have a setting wrong. So I took this picture to see what was going on. But this picture looks fine. Brandon called the camera a piece of junk which I think is going a little too far. But lately it has been very controlling.

We had very gentle ring time. QTee was a wee bit sensitive in her feet, and Bill noticed that Lilly's head was ever so slightly nodding as I trotted her. She didn't feel unsound at all, but Bill has special horse eyes. It didn't seem like enough of anything to fret about. Last week her shoe had come loose and she wore it off-center for maybe 2 hours before we noticed it. So maybe she is working out that kink. (The perils of shoe-wearing!) When I go to see her today, I hope she is back to normal.

This is me apparently proving that I can sit on a horse and pat my head at the same time. Or I could be swatting flies.

All in all a lovely little lazy time in the ring.

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juliette said...

Nothing better than relaxing lazy time with horses. I am heading over right now to pick up manure and laze around with my boys.

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