What In the Sam Hill?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What in the sam hill is that on Lilly's back??? It's that little tiny launching-pad of a saddle! I got this english tack out for two reasons. First, I knew I was going ride in the ring, and once in a blue moon, I like to use the english saddle. Just to keep in touch with it. Second, Bill and Jackie C were getting ready for their garden party later in the day. This included a guy roasting a pig (don't look, Louise!) and a giant tent. Last year this very scene gave Lilly a near heart attack. You know how you pick your battles? I chose not to pick this one and just tacked her up in the ring. While riding, I kept losing my stirrups. How do you english riders do it?

Lilly was just fine with this small saddle even though it must have felt very different to her. Personally, when I am riding english, I feel a great sense of purpose. I want to trot faster and follow the Boob Rule like an expert. In the western saddle, I want a slow, easy jog. But that's just me. Because you know any bona fide cowboy works hard and fast in western tack, not english. Working a cow is as purposeful as it gets.

It was so hot that Christine and I nearly melted in the ring. Then we had to lug all of our stuff back to the barn, joking about how easy it is to accumulate horse gear believing it all to be real must-haves. Half the things I've gotten for Lilly I really don't need!

And then a few hours later.......

PARTY AT BILL'S!!!!!!(Scary tent and all!)

Bill and Jackie C should have parties more often! It was great fun. Fabulous people, yummy food, great weather. Good thing the party wasn't last weekend! That dog in the picture is named Bubba.

There's Bill, Jackie K, and Jackie K's hubster, Andrew.

Here is my favorite part of any meal: dessert!

Brumby was intrigued by all these small people who kept offering her mouthfuls of hay!!

I mean, very small people! (Helloooo, Lilly is saying, Yes, just lift that hay a little higher!)

Look how Bill, while the party is in full force, is taking time to give Lilly her Lyme medicine!

Happy September, everyone!


Once Upon an Equine said...

Lilly looks lovely in her English attire. Cute saddle pad! The party looks like a lot of fun.

juliette said...

Great party! How about that Bill taking a break to give Lilly her pills.

I love the photos of the Littles feeding hay - how adorable is that?

lmel said...

Who says we always keep our stirrups?:) Especially when Harley is misbehaving! I've been trying to ride more and more without them to improve my riding, but I have to admit, it's tiring on the trail!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

she looks lovely with her saddle! now you can compete in eventing! r u on facebook? i posted some pics of blue you would like. email me if you are.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That party looks like great fun! Good thing Lilly seems to like her Lyme meds. And I like dessert best, too!

And I had to laugh and nod my head at your words:

"how easy it is to accumulate horse gear believing it all to be real must-haves. Half the things I've gotten for Lilly I really don't need!"

So true!


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