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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brandon is out of town this weekend, picking up Kestrel from a week at the beach with her grandfather. Do you know what this means? It means I am a SINGLE CHICK and my time is entirely my own! So, along with eating eggs for dinner and watching multiple episodes of HG-TV (yes, I am so wild, aren't I?), I was able to go and see Lilly with no time constraints whatsoever! On Saturday AM, I headed over to Bill's. Bill is at his place in Maine this week so Jackie K is around running the farm. Here she is with Rosalie taking Ruby and Freddie off to the big pasture.

I tacked up my brumby and headed out on the trail. I know there have been a few spooks lately with her, but she seemed quiet and cuddley as soon as I tacked her up, even when I tightened the girth as much as I possibly could. Ugh, I think this lazy summer has helped my brumby in packing on a few extra pounds! This is Lilly on the trail right before I got on her.

As soon as I was on her, I got back off to take a picture of these Earth Tongues growing out of some dead wood.

I got back on Lilly, only to get back down off of her to snap this picture of these guys, also growing out of some dead and soggy logs. Brandon is not here to make an identification. But I thought it was quite a lovely little cluster of fungus.

While I was down on the forest floor investigating the mushrooms, I snapped this picture of Lilly, waiting for me like a horse from the Roman guard. By the way, the bugs were very bad. I so hate it when flies hook on to Lilly and do not want to let go.

This picture proves what a bubblehead I am with my helmet on.

We took a long ride: across the Short Trail, to the Ridge Trail, across the road to the Blueberry Pasture, into Trollwood, the Upper Loop Trail, across the little stream to Bear Kingdom Trail and back to the barn. We did not canter or trot once. This is what I like to do with Lilly: amble, amble, amble. And sing:

I can't promise that I'll go and leave you never
Cause you know that something always could go wrong,
And I can't say that I'll love you 'til forever
Cause I don't expect to be here quite that long.
I'll just say that I'm prepared to stay here with you,
As long as you're content to stay with me...
Like the river loves the sea is how I love you,
flow into me

Lilly was great and kind from start to finish. Especially about my singing which is about as good as my computer skills.

Of course Getty had a fine time. It is a good life for a dog, to be on a farm and near horses and hayfields.

We also spied this mushroom which, by its whiteness and purity, I know is an Avenging Angel. This mushroom will kill you if you eat it, despite it's angelic appearance. Good-bye kidney function! Brandon says if you are lost in the woods and need to forage for food, do not even bother seeking out mushrooms. While most of them are fine to eat, many taste bad and crickets and insects are much more nutritious in that situation.

This background is much more fitting for the Avenging Angel.

And then this mushroom looks like a giant sperm cell! Look out brumby! Do not let that guy impregnate you! Because a creature that is part horse, part mushroom would be a weird and scary creature indeed!

A good time was had by all. Tomorrow we have a birthday trail ride planned for Jackie K! Bill will be sorry to have missed it. Happy Birthday, Jackina!!!!!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

LOL. You and your mushrooms! I'm jealous that you can just dismount and remount each time you find something interesting along the trail. I've never had the flexibility or coordination to mount without a step stool.

IanH said...

Ah, to have young legs that allow multiple dismounts without having to plan on how to get back up! (Maybe I need a shorter horse!)

Ruffles said...

Lucy is so cute :) Great pictures!!

lmel said...

I love the photos! Just wish my Harley would stand still like your brumby so I could take pictures on my trail rides. It's something we're working on.

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