Sweet Summer Vacation, Chapter 3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Even though Lilly technically lives in a different town than I do, she is still very close. I can drive over to the barn in about ten minutes. Here is one of the roads I take to get there. Lots of fine fresh air! Sunday was Jackie K's birthday and so I headed over to the barn to help her celebrate, as planned, with a trail ride. yyyeeeehawwww!

After we had some blueberry soup that Christine brought in honor of Jackie's birthday, we walked the horses down to the trail head. Jackie was on Pokey but walked him until we got to the soft footing of the trail, and I always walk Lilly to the trail head in part because of her feet, but also because the new people up the road from Bill's have chickens and I've got to keep Getty on a leash until we pass their house. We do not need another chicken incident! Because QTee has shoes on, Christine can ride her right down the driveway and down the road.

My camera doesn't seem to have a feature that helps keep a picture still when you are moving slightly...as in when you are ambling down a trail on horseback! Here is Jackie pointing at a bone on the trail. That yellow thing on Lilly's halter is a little cord that's supposed to keep bugs away. I didn't have much faith in it, but it is true I saw not one single bug on Lilly's ears today.

It started to thunder so we rode the Ridge Trail and didn't carry on to Trollwood. Instead we had to cut back by the Big Pasture and hurry home. Not like my brumby hurries anywhere. But I do not want to be riding with loud claps of thunder and lightening in the sky.

Just when we were wondering if Bill was having as much fun in Maine as we were back at home, he sent us all some pictures detailing his vacation:

Bill in his boat.....

Looks like Bill and his family are having some typical Maine fare.....

and getting plenty of cozy time with wife, Jackie C....

..and taking in some extraordinary wildlife sightings.

We sent him the following picture we took with Jackie K's cell phone, just to let him know that things were OK back at the barn, and that everything was in control:

Happy Birthday, Jackie K, and Happy Vacation, Bill and Jackie C!!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hilarious photo! Oh those clams that Bill is eating makes me jealous! And also that you can see your Lilly girl in 10 minutes..omg.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Loving the last pic! You really have a beautiful place to trail ride :)

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