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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I can't believe a whole week has passed since I took these pictures. I think this is a sign that I need to quit my job and ride horses full time. If only! This picture was taken last Saturday when Christine and I were out on the trail. It makes me a little sad that all the green in this field will be gone soon. Most people I know rave about the Fall and how pretty it is and what a relief it is to be done with all summer's heat. I always see Fall as a little tiny death.

Right as we were coming back on to the road after the ride, we encountered Bill on his four-wheeler. He was on his way to flip some hay.

Back at the barn, Jackie C was harvesting some gourds from one of her gardens. I am intrigued by gourds. They seem to follow their own rules about color and form. True artists, they are.

Meanwhile, Brandon was drying out some of his mushroom harvest. It is amazing how a giant bushel of fresh mushrooms dry up to almost nothing at all.

On Sunday Christine couldn't ride because she had homework to do. I decided to go down in the ring and do some lessons. First my plan was to ride english and work on getting Lilly to respond to my commands without having to ask her ten times. But when I got there, I decided I really wanted to practice some barrel racing. I went down to the ring to set up the barrels. While doing that, I found these little handprints.

Bill came down in the ring with Glitter as I was doing the barrels. I started at a trot. At first: 55 seconds. Then I got a little better. I got it down to 26 seconds. I need to start learning to look at the next barrel. I am always looking down at Lilly. I guess I am not ready for competition yet!

Here are some cute crumbs on my brumby's face from her last dose of medicine for Lyme!

She's really going to miss getting the grain that came with her medicine! But I will not miss her having it. I am just so glad she's been treated and is feeling good.

Happy Trails!


juliette said...

I hear you about the melancholy of this season. I am only starting to learn to like autumn in a small way. I like that the bugs leave. I also know my horses are happier now, but like you, I am a summer person.

Definitely quit your job and ride. From someone who just did that I can tell you that it makes for happy days. All good except that pesky little money problem! lol! (Brian is not laughing after our $275 vet bill for Fall shots!)

Lilly looks soooo good and rotund and happy. Glad she is better after her treatment regime. Love her lips and crumbs!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Horse lips are great! And I'm glad that your Brumby is feeling better now, too.
Looks like a lovely a ride and fun in the arena practicing barrels. Interesting about the mushrooms, tooeen them spread out like that to dry. Neat!
Cute little pawprints...a skunk or a racoon perhaps?
I'm like you, Fall is like a small death....knowing what is soon to happen. Fall is too short to truly enjoy anyway.
I'm missing summer already.


Paint Girl said...

If only all of us horse people could quit our jobs and ride our own horses every single day!! Now wouldn't that be the life!!
Don't you love barrels? I miss it so much. Nothing like galloping around the barrels with the wind blowin' in your hair!!

lmel said...

Lily is looking great. Yup, I'd love to quit my day job and ride all the time. I love Brandon's mushroom collection--wish I knew my 'shrooms as well as him.

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