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Friday, September 23, 2011

What better way to begin a blog post than with a giant picture of Louise's big ole face? You can just imagine her lounging in the sun in the yard, finding no complaints with anything. In fact, this is probably Louise's fave time of year because all the apples are dropping from the trees and she gets to gorge herself.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to ride my brumby on both Sat and Sun. The weather is so unpredictable. So much rain. Saturday was a little gloomy, but Christine and I headed out anyway. She started on Jodie and then picked up QTee at the BP. While she was trading horses, I snapped this awesome picture of Lilly's moon.

This hay field is so pretty. On my way home, I captured them out there. Before I had a horse, I had no idea what the whole hay market was all about. I wasn't even sure that a field like this was full of hay. I know a lot more now....

Earlier in the week, Lilly had thrown a shoe. She does this all the time now, maybe because the ground is so wet. I considered leaving her barefoot...but not for long! After all her agonizing trouble in April and May with sore feet, and seeing how terrific she's been doing the last two months with Lyme medicine and shoes on her feet, I just can't let her go barefoot. Sure I'd do it if she had the right feet for it. But she doesn't. A lesson I have learned three times over now with two vets and an extremely competent farrier. Yes, Lilly, I have learned my lesson. You will wear shoes, rain or shine!

Anyway, the bad news for Bill is that each time a shoe comes off, he's the lucky guy who gets to put it back on. Not that i have ever heard a complaint out of him. All I can say after watching Bill make my brumby's shoes fit her just right, I am really glad she stands so still for him. Because I think putting shoes on a horse requires not just skill, but a good, strong body. Can you imagine shoeing a naughty horse? Ugh. That would be tough.

After her new shoes were put on, I took her down to the ring for a quick ride.

She was GREAT. After that, I put her in a dryer pasture for a few days, the one right behind Bill's house with the cow and the alpaca.

So Bill gets to see Lilly from the couch in his family room!

Meanwhile, back at home, we had our first cord of wood delivered. Oh dear. Am I ready for cold weather? Umm, no I never am. But I'd rather have snow than all this rain, that's for sure.


juliette said...

That photo of Louise is confusing. She looks so fat and fake! She looks like a wood carving. Poor Louise - stuffed fat full of apples.
I do not think my boys would stand for shoeing. They are getting better all the time for trimming, but the patience required for shoes is better left to sweet Lilly and Bill.
I bet you wish you lived in Bill's living room. My only sadness each day is that I can't wake up and see my boys out the window. I bet you feel the same about Lilly.
Ugh, cold weather and wood stoves. How sad is this cycle. I am so sick of rain too. I wonder when I am snowblowing a path to the pastures if I will wish for rain instead.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh man..that view from Billy's living room is MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! How cool!
Love Lilly's hair too :)
We have had rain too, but I've been so so lucky that on my 4 days a week of Laz visiting, it's been sunny and gorgeous Fall weather. I wish it would stay 65 and sunny ALL YEAR LONG.

lmel said...

Ah yes, to be able to have our ponies in our own back yards--what a dream! And as for snow--look out, Harley, skijoring season will be coming soon.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Your Brumby has a nice moon - and a very nice hairdo too :) I am also sick to death of rain, although I was praying for it just over a month ago. What fickle creatures we humans are...

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