Saturday at the Races

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Saturday, we were back in the ring for some barrel racing. I think this picture of Bill and Freddie going around barrel #1 is fabulous!

And this one after barrel #3 is even better! WHOOOO HOOOOO! This was Freddie's first time around the barrels. It took a few patterns to realize what he was supposed to do, and then he got better and better.

Here's our score keeper and judge. Jackie K!!

After racing, Freddie and Lilly needed to take a little nap to restore themselves.

Later, I tried practicing my no-saddle-and-no-mounting block mount. I say tried because I tried and failed. Many times. It's just harder than it looks! If you want to see a humorous clip of a few attempts I made, then Click right here. Let's just say if this was a life or death situation, I'd have to stop giggling and git'r done.

On Sunday, while Christine poured over her english literature books for school, Jackie K , Bill and I went out on the trail. Originally, we had more barrel racing practice planned, but the weather was too good to not be out on the trail. I'll never get tired of that stripe down Pokey's back.

Sometimes Jackie and I like to fanatsize about which other horses of Bill's we would buy if we had a million bucks. Jackie would choose Glitter for her daughters, and I would choose Bella because I just plain love her.

I put a picture from this spot in the Winter Pasture in just about every blog post that details a trail ride. I know, I know, borrring. But I love this stretch of green hay with the horses and the dogs. It reminds me of something very Perfect. It reminds me that things are Good (even when you have water in your basement or poison ivy up to your ears...both of which I do)! It makes me feel like I love everything.

Look what Branny Muffs did while I was riding! He stacked up Cord #1!!!!!

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lmel said...

I can relate to the no mounting block bareback mount. Yup, if I'm in a life or death situation, it'll be ugly. Your brumby stands so quietly for you! I don't think Harley would be that patient, but maybe I'll give it a try.
No riding this weekend--too many chores, like putting up food and stacking wood!

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