As wet as wet can be

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've never known so wet a year! This week it felt like it rained all week. It probably didn't, but that's how it felt. So today (Saturday) when I woke up and it was wet as a sink outside (as usual), I went over to see Lilly anyway. The weekend is all I have and I must make it work! When I got to the farm, I didn't bother tacking Lilly up. There is nothing worse than wet tack. Instead, we just went out walking together in the downpour. Here you see I decorated her with a few autumn leaves...that easily stick to her since they were sopping wet.

There were giant puddles everywhere. My brumby didn't seem to mind them. She'd paw (hoof?) at the water and then and flap her lips around in it. One year the leaves were all red so the woods had a misty pink glow to it. This year all the leaves are gold and orange, and then get brown fast because of all the rain. A brown and yellow sogfest is not nearly as magical as pink mist.

In the pasture Lilly seeks out the soggiest, most waterloggiest places, so I don't think she minds the water at all. I know Bella must like this weather because now she isn't plagued by all those horrible flies. But in reality the rain makes the trail slippery and squishy underfoot. It just isn't as much fun out there when it is raining all the time.

Look! One red leaf!

The newts and mushrooms were out in full force today! I had to move quite a few newts out of the way because I know if Lilly steps on any she'll smash them out of existence with her flat feet. On the other hand, if Bill's horse Ruby stepped on a newt, her feet are so concave, nothing would happen to the newt at all! Ruby would lift her foot up and the unscathed newt would carry on with its business.

Up by the BP, all the horses came to the gate to see what was going on. Do you see them in the background peeking out?

I had a few apples and carrots in my pocket. So sometimes as we were walking along, Lilly would stab her nose at my pocket because she knew they were in there! She even tried to take a bite of my camera when I pulled it out of that pocket to snap her picture. My brumby is just like me: she loves her sweets.

Today's parting shot.


lmel said...

What great photos! I especially love the newt on the mushroom and red leaf on Lily's back. It's a dull day here too, as you say, a sogfest.:)

juliette said...

Same tired of it. Glad you made the most of what you have by walking with your Lilly girl in the woods. I rode Sovey in the morning before the rain. I hope my boys like rain and puddles like your Lilly!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

At least you still got to enjoy your girl :) A nice hand walk is still good when things don't go our way. That newt is TOOOO cute!!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Oh man... you guys have gotten the same crappy, non-stop rain weather that we had here (for over a week). I am sorry for you.

I hope it clears up into the most crystal clear, autumnish, best-est riding weather ever. In the meantime your soggy hand walk looked like fun and good additions to the tune list ;)

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