Riders on the Storm

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear Mother Nature, You think you are so great dumping all this rain on us. But it can't stop me. I know with the right gear I can be out in just about anything. Put that in your nature pipe and smoke it!

That's right. Today it was another monsoon. But I put on my oilskin duster & chaps and tacked Lilly up anyway. Bill put on his rain gear and came along with me. Even though it was raining through most of the ride, it was still quite beautiful. But wait a minute. Is everything beautiful from the back of a horse? Mother Nature, you have redeemed your damn self.

We went to visit the mares in the Blueberry Pasture. Bill hasn't been keeping the horses in here lately. But they looked just fine. They all came over to see us. Do you see QTee there in the front? She is looking pretty fabulous for being an older lady.

For most of the ride we were on Bill's road. It's not really paved and just residents (there are only a few) use it. So it was a nice change. Taking this road means we get to ride by all the pastures and check on everyone. It also means no needing to duck to avoid getting your head lopped off by a low branch. In the spring when the road is soft, we can canter up and down it. But I better not start thinking about spring since it is only the second of October. If it dries up a little around here, I know October will be gorgeous....and perfect for riding.

One thing that's great about this duster is that it keeps the saddle completely dry. And I think it takes all the heat from Lilly and traps it so I stay nice and toasty. Looks like Ruby's ear is blocking my brumby's pretty face in this picture!

If you like poetry, then maybe you have heard of Archibald MacLeish. This is the little stone house where he composed some of his poems. Riding by it is a thrill. There's a big window on the other side. I have never been this close to it before today. My brumby was not as impressed. She pooped right near it.

This pasture is right near the MacLeish house and we usually do not ride through it. Bill is allowed on this property so we weren't trespassing. The last time I was in this pasture there was snow on the ground.

Lilly likes to dawdle. And Bill was on Ruby, and Ruby likes to step out. So there is Bill and Ruby ahead of us on the road.

Hope everyone was warm and dry this weekend! If you'd like to watch a short clip of Ruby thinking about staying ground tied (or not?) while Bill is busy at the gate, click right here!


Paint Girl said...

Your weather looks like my weather. Fall has definitely arrived here! Although it isn't too cold yet.
I hear those dusters are great. I should probably think about investing in one some day!

juliette said...

Love your post title. We have sunshine so I am thinking you may too. I hope the next post is about you riding in the light with the vivid leaves all around.

A duster is the very thing for what we went through! Lucky you!

I don't know the poet but the stone house is idyllic - and the field too.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I've got an award for you! Drop by my blog to pick it up...

Love the leaf deco on your Brumby!

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