Field Report: Addicted to Christmas Ferns

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Since Christmas, I have had a few days off so I made good use of them by heading out on the trail with Lilly. Jackie came along on Yogi. Bill took this parting shot. Out on the trail my brumby poked along with the speed of a glacier being hauled around by snails. Bill is always saying that Lilly should have been named Pokey. I think he might be right. And she had to nibble at every darn fern she saw. Addict!

Jackie had a plan to retrieve Glitter from one of the winter pastures and walk her back with us so that the next day she could trim her feet. So while she went to get her, I waited with Yogi and Lilly. Lilly ground tied perfectly and nibbled grass. Yogi kept trying to head butt me. I have not met too many horses who stand and wait as quietly as Lilly. But waaaaait a minute. What is that on Lilly's saddle?

AAhhhhhhh! WEEEEEE! It is a pink sheepskin! My friend Karen P sent this to me for Christmas and I have to tell you: it is BOMB DIGGITY. Completely fabulous in every way: comfy, warm, pink! Excitedly attaching that to my saddle was the first thing I did at the barn. I do think Lilly felt very fetching in it too, especially since it was paired with purple reins!

Although it looks like Yogi is breaking my neck in this picture, it is really just me trying to get a picture of us together as we wait for Jackie, and Yogi thinking the camera is not really a camera at all but maybe a cube of apple or carrot.

Jackie came back empty handed because the horses in the pasture decided to kick and make a fuss when she came to get Glitter and then, of all things, they refused to cross a watery patch to come to the gate. Horses that refuse to be robots! We love them so! So Jackie decided to wait and get Glitter on Tuesday.

Back at the barn, a wonderful Christmas present had been delivered while we were riding....

A big ole pile of sawdust! When I released Lilly into this pasture, she made a beeline for the pile. Here she is saying, Thank you Bill for this most marvelous and comfortable gift!

I mean, she really liked it! I could see that Ruby and QTee both had sawdust sprinkled all over their backs so they too had been rolling around in it with abandon. To see a video of the cutest brumby ever rolling around in the sawdust and snaking her head out into it like an anteater, just click here. One of the more adorable clips I have posted, if I don't say so myself! A few minutes after the video, she pooped right in the middle of the beautiful pile.

When I left the farm, Ruby was laying in the pile like a queen. Good thing I had scooped Lilly's poop out of it.

The next day I was on my own on the trail. Here is the one picture I took from that ride. It looks quite desolate and cold, but in reality, it was remarkably pleasing.

Tomorrow it's back to work. Gross! But only for two days until the weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying this magical time of the year.


lmel said...

Looks like you had a nice ride, and Lily a nice roll! Happy Trails for 2012! Yeah-can't wait for the weekend.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That's a great video. It's fun to see Lilly enjoying her present so much. Glad you enjoyed your present too - that cute pink sheepskin pad. Looks warm and soft. Your rides look wonderful too.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Whoa - tasty ferns, leisurely trail ride with friends and then the awesome-est sawdust pile ever - happy happy brumby!

Nice pad too ;)

ps - thanks for the Charlie Brown Christmas song!

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