If Only Every Day Were Saturday

Monday, December 5, 2011

Saturday I got to the barn early because I had some Christmas shopping to get started on later in the day. If I get home from riding too late, my bah humbug husband will insist there isn't time to drive all the way to where the stores are. Now that the days are shorter, the earlier I can get to Lilly, the better anyway! I wanted to go out on the trail, but since it's shotgun season, I decided to stay along the road. Because even though most of the land I ride on is posted, apparently some hunters do not pay attention to that!

As I was making my way, Bill came driving along.

I wish there was a safety orange bum cover I could get for my brumby.

The ride was super peacful. As you can see, the road isn't that much different from the trail. It's also technically closed so we don't encounter too many cars there.

And thank goodness we saw no hunters. We did see a nice man walking his labradoodle. Who was adorable. The dog was adorable, I mean, not the man! The man looked like a perfectly ordinary bald man.

Lilly kept hearing things behind us.

We did stop by the Winter Pasture where Bill is keeping nine horses. If you'd like to hear Lilly's little squeal when we stopped to visit, Click Here. So typical, Lilly, so typical!

What a cute brumby. She was really dragging her feet the farther we got from her pasture. Here she is probably thinking: Can't we just go back that way?

We walked along the edge of one pature and Getty had a field day running around in the old hay. Sometimes if she runs too close to Lilly, Lilly tries to bite Getty's head off. Naughty, crabby brumby. Other times, Lilly could care less about the dogs near her.
Back in the ring at the farm, Bill was doing more Liberty work with Ruby. They have made so much progress. Do you like Ruby's bitless bridle?

At night, do you ever find your tuckered out dog on the bed under her favorite ratty blanket?


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Cute brumby squeal... so girly! ;)

I find a tuckered out Q dog under the blanket on the bed most every night, occasionally with her head on the pillow! :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I LOVE the title, I too wish every day to be Saturday!!! Yes on the sleeping pupster. Mason passes out in the car ride home groaning happily away. It's SO great to be able to take the dogs to the barn isn't it!

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