Thank you, Mother Nature

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday the weather was GRAND! So I dragged Brandon and Kestrel to the farm to try and capture (once again) this year's holiday picture. This photo reveals that everybody kept getting distracted, even my brumby. Bill also pointed out that this picture has a transformer in the background. And the background is overexposed. BAHHHHH.

Kestrel actually had some homework to get done so she and Brandon did not stay for a nice leisurely walk through the woods with an eyechatching mare. THEIR LOSS! Although I shouldn't be poo-pooing any commitment to homework. Bill agreed to go out on the trail with me and he quickly enlisted Ruby.

You may be interested to "meet" these visitors. That little tiny lady on Lilly is Bill's great-granddaughter, Christiana!!! And the two people with her are her parents, Jennifer and Kevin. Can you believe Bill is a great-grandpa?? You can't tell really from this picture, but Jennifer is just about to have another baby!

We had a ridiculously fantastic trail ride. Everything about it was perfect, even the long canter we did though the Lower Loop part of the trail. Actually, I started in a canter but when Lilly saw Bill and Ruby in a full gallop ahead of us, that's what she wanted to do too. It is exhiliarating to see Ruby moving so fast, so neatly tucking her hind feet up behind her as she tears up the trail. Thrilling, a wee bit scary and incredibly beautiful.

Wheeeew! Is this heaven? No, it's western Massachusetts!

Hope your weekend was even better than mine.


Frizzle said...

Ooof, that bow in your brumby's forelock is killing me from its overabundance of cuteness! :-D

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Please send me some 'western Massachusetts' ;)

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