Brumbies in the Snow

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am happy to report that today was much warmer than yesterday. Not warm by any stretch, but warmer. Again I had swaddled myself in my winter coat and puffy pants, full foot warmers, balaclava and mittens. I've resorted to mittens since my fingers get too cold with gloves. I know they won't offer as much control when riding, but one must do what one must do. I figure if they don't work, I'll move on to Plan C, whatever that is. Here you see Ruby greeting me in the pasture. Such a friendly mare. Lilly is in the background probably thinking, Whaaat? Her again?

Christine and I carefully walked to the trailhead. On the trail the snowmobilers had left a little path for us. Both Lilly and Qtee were happy to be out. There was no dawdling. It was so quiet and beautiful out on the trail.

This is what happens when Lilly sees Christine getting a carrot ready for QTee. She butts her nose in where it does not belong. QTee waits patiently and my brumby tries to get a piece of the carrot action. Nosy ole brumby. The farther we went along the trail the deeper the snowmobile path became. Well, not on the surface--just when a hoof came down and broke through the snowmobile trail layer. A horse could get hurt on that kind of trail. We headed back to the road thinking we could head up to the BP that way. Nope, too icy.

Back at the barn Lilly was still trying to get treats from Christine. Bill hardly ever gives treats. That did not stop Lilly from trying to nuzzle around in Bill's coat pocket for one later. Me, I don't see what harm a few small carrots will do.

You'd think that because it was warmer, I might have my hands out of my mittens more to take more pictures. But like I said, it wasn't that warm! This is my parting shot--see you next time, beautiful brumbles!

Since we had to cut our ride short when I got home I had time to take Getty out for a walk in the woods. I hadn't taken her to Bill's in the morning because her feet are so furry they get snow and ice built up in between her toes and then it hurts her to walk. I am not sure why I thought it would be different if I was not on a horse.

Sure enough, giant iceballs kept building up on her feet. She was constantly stopping to nibble them off. We were having a lot of fun anyway, following another snowmobile trail. I was also gathering kindling in my kindling-gathering-bag.

A few times I thought I heard a scary wild animal noise. Like a growl. It was spooky but I kept going. I figured I had imagined it. After all, I am in the woods all the time.

This particular trail is a cornfield covered with snow. It is unusual to have working fields out in the middle of nowhere on top of a mountain. But that's what we have here. At this very point on the trail I heard another scary noise. It sounded like a wolf. OK, we do not have wolves around here. It was probably someone's dog and the sound just traveled up through the clear air to us. But I didn't like it. I knew if Brandon had been along he would have laughed at me. But I am telling you, it sounded like a wolf.

But what was that snarly noise anyway? I thought of my little vulnerable dog with giant iceballs on her feet. Seriously, what were these noises? I saw a huge flock of turkeys and they didn't seem worried, so we kept on.

Then, from this very clump of trees, I KNOW I heard a wild animal noise. It sounded like a...a... roar! Now, I know there are very many people out there, my husband probably being one of them, who would have walked toward that clump of trees to see what exactly was going on. Me? I am not that brave. I did what ever self respecting wimpy person does: I beat a hasty retreat!

When I got home I found that my husband had gotten me some donuts at the grocery store. One thing about me: I LOVE donuts. But these were prune donuts. PRUNE DONUTS?? What the heck is a prune donut??? That doesn't even sound right, a donut featuring prune. What a strange day this has been.


lmel said...

Donuts--yummmm! Always good after a busy day working in the cold. Maybe you heard coyotes? I've certainly heard them around here. Good for you for getting in a ride. I wish our trails were snowmobiled out like yours!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Prune donuts?! I have to say, I'm 100% intrigued!! How were they? I would feel less guilty, lol!
Your Brumby looks like she is a fan of winter :) What fun rides you still have..I hope to trail ride next winter w/ FuzzLaz. xo

juliette said...

A perfect ride on a lovely Brumby and slightly warmer temps. Hooray.

Your part of the world is just lovely. The walk with Getty sure looks gorgeous - is that the one you do everyday? If not for the full foot warmer comment, I really would be in danger of wanting to move there!

That last photo of your walk combined with the tale of the scary noises reminds me of the 1970 "exclusive" footage of the secret 16mm film of Bigfoot. It was in a clearing like that with a clump of trees. My worry would have gotten the best of me too. Brandon is just brave - he must be to want to eat prune donuts!

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