Winter Horsin' Around

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I like January because it is so pretty to look at. But being outside and coping with the snow and the cold is not a pretty picture. Today when I went over to see Lilly, Bill was in the driveway wrestling with the chains on the tractor tires. The he noticed the front tire was flat. Christine and I arrived for a horse grooming session. We didn't ride because we were thinking the new snow from last night was only hiding the ice in the ring. If it's not one thing, it's another!

I was so bundled up I almost forgot how cold it was...that is, until I took my glove off to snap a few pictures--like this one of Lilly's icicles. None of the horses seemed cold. But they did seem to want many carrots.

What this picture does not reveal is that Lilly was extremely skeptical of this giant gray bucket. Usually we put the water in a blue bucket. Oh, Brumby, you are so observant! And so silly. This bucket won't eat you! Soon enough she overcame her skepticism and slurped up all the water in it.

Bill manages to get the most beautiful hay. Only the best for the horses at Bear River Horse Farm!

While Bill ran out to get supplies to fix the flat tractor tire, Christine dragged a few flakes out for Lilly and QTee so we could spoil them. It is fascinating to me that these giant animals thrive eating hay. It seems so small and tendrilly, not nearly enough to sustain such a big creature. But it does! And very robustly I might add. And does it smell delicious! (People at work look at me askance when I say that I think hay smells delicious.)

Good night, brumbies! Stay warm tonight!


lmel said...

Ah yes, maybe only horse people recognize the fact that hay smells sweet! I too spent the day fussing on the horses. Like you said, the snow is just hiding the ice. We might try a trail ride today and see how it is in the woods.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Hay has a great smell! Glad the brumby is thriving - hope you get to ride soon. :)

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